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This session will be rescheduled in June or July

May 27, 2014, 2:00 pm Central Time
How eLearning is Revolutionizing Hotels
Presented by Shane Green, Founder & President, SGE and SGEi

eLearning is revolutionizing the way teams are trained, as well as the methodology trainers are able to implement across diverse, multicultural and global staffs. In the past, companies depended on interactive, human trainers (which were costly, capable of human error, and limited to few additional languages). Today, hospitality companies are able to leverage technology to train teams that speak any language.
eLearning makes it easy to rollout training around the globe for people who work different shifts, speak different languages, and require special assistance. For hotel restaurants, this means the ability to unveil a new recipe and have it trained and available at every outlet around the globe within days. For housekeeping teams, it can mean on-site training that can be reviewed during actual practice rooms on an iPad.
Shane Green will discuss why eLearning is revolutionizing hotels, and the practical steps people must take to get on-board with this exciting trend. He will also review the common pitfalls and drawbacks associated with eLearning (such as iPad costs), and explain how teams can overcome these objections before they occur.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the role of eLearning in traditional hotels today, and how it is revolutionizing hospitality.
2. Learn an action plan to implement eLearning on site at a hotel and realistic timelines for implementation.
3. Consider possible drawbacks and probable setbacks that can be avoided and overcome while unveiling an eLearning platform.

Registration opens when new date is scheduled.

June 10, 2014, 2:00 pm Central Time
Private Exchanges Have Great Potential to Offer New Solutions for Group Plan Sponsors and Their Employees in the Hospitality Industry
Presented by Willis New York

If you are one of the many employers in the hospitality industry considering private exchange plans to help increase the health and productivity of your full- and part-time employees, join the experts from Willis for this informational webinar.  Be informed and learn how private exchanges may be the path for a long-term health benefits solution for you and your valued employees.

Learning Objectives:
1.  Understand how private exchanges work.
2.  Learn about the value of private exchanges in the marketplace.
3.  Understand the points you should consider to help determine if a private exchange model may be right for your business.

Be informed and earn how private exchanges may be the path for a long-term health benefits solution for you and your valued employees.


July 9, 2015, 2:00 pm Central Time
How to Prepare an Accounting Manual
Presented by John D. Daum, CPA, Partner, Scott Z. derBoghossian, Supervisor, Jim Gilson, CPA, Partner,  Condon O'Meara McGinty & Donnely LLP

Today's auditing standards recommend clubs to document their accounting procedures.  Lack of documentation can be considered a deficiency in internal controls.  Don't let your auditors write you up!  This session will discuss how to develop an accounting procedures manual and what key documentation and steps need to be employed in conducting various accounting tasks.  This session will not only focus on the role of the accounting staff, but also the general manager, treasurer and other officers and committees.

Learning Objectives:
1.  Have a better understanding of the necessity and benefits of an accounting procedures manual.
2.  Understand what should be in the manual and how it should be streamlined and compiled.
3.  Ability to present the finished manual to your club's general manager and board and get approval for use.

Registration opens soon.

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