Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals

An international nonprofit association with a 70+ year history of empowering hospitality professionals in their career and professional development through education, engagement and more.


About HFTP

Established in 1952, HFTP is an international nonprofit association headquartered in Austin, Texas USA with offices in Europe and the Middle East. HFTP is recognized as the spokes group for the finance and technology segments of the hospitality industry with a robust network of members, stakeholders and industry partners that spans the globe.

HFTP uniquely understands the industry's pressing issues and assists its stakeholders in finding solutions to their challenges more efficiently than any organization. HFTP offers expert networks, educational resources, career development programs, research, leadership opportunities, conferences and events such as HITEC. HFTP is the publisher of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) and owner of PineappleSearch, a hospitality-specific search engine.



HFTP’s method of governance is guided by a set of bylaws that provide rules and procedures for the way the association operates. These outline requirements for membership, eligibility for leadership, dues and fees, meetings and more. To learn more about the governance of this association, read the bylaws.

Future Vision

Strategic Plan

HFTP developed a strategic long-range plan, grounded in core ideology and driven by an envisioned future that realizes the full potential of the association’s ability to serve its stakeholders. The strategic plan articulates HFTP’s commitments in the following ways: goals — outcomes or attributes to achieve; objectives — key metrics affecting the association’s ability to achieve goals and articulating the direction in which these issues must be moved; and strategies — how the association plans to commit resources to make its vision a reality.