International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame

This award recognizes individuals who have notably influenced innovation, application and leadership in hospitality technology.

Innovative developments and applications in technology have propelled the hospitality industry forward, enhancing guest services and improving management tools. These developments were the result of hard work and creative thinking by a few people who had the vision to see what technology could mean to the future of the hospitality industry. These pioneers knew that new tools could be developed that would change forever the way their industry responded to challenges.

In recognition of these visionaries and their impact on the hospitality industry, HFTP established the International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame in 1989.

The International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame is HFTP’s highest level of recognition in the area of technology. Since 1989, 53 individuals have received this award as a reflection of their contributions to the hospitality industry. Hall of Fame members have been selected by their peers as representing the best in innovation and application and as leaders in their profession.

Nomination Deadline: April 15, 2024

Support Material Deadline: April 29, 2024

In addition to completing the nomination form, each nomination must be accompanied by nomination support material. Details on the type of material are outlined in the online nomination form (linked above). Materials are to be delivered to the HFTP Communications Department by the stated deadline at [email protected]

Sherry Marek and Mark Heymann, 2023 Inductees

Past Recipients

2022: Jeff Edwards

2022: Jeff Bzdawka

2021: Raman (R.P.) Rama, B.Com, CHA Emeritus, CHTP+, CHAE 

2021: Mark G. Haley, CHTP+

2020: Michael Blake, CAE

2020: Henri Roelings

2019: Sudharshan Chary

2018: Tammy Farley

2018: Jing Zhu

2017: Greg Dawes

2017: Monika Nerger

2016: Michael Levie, CHTP

2016: Prakash Shukla

2015: Scot Campbell, CHTP

2015: Michael Schubach, CHAE, CHTP

2014: Barry Shuler

2013: Harbans Singh

2012: Douglas Rice

2011: Frank Wolfe, CAE

2010: Nick Price

2009: Cindy Estis Green

2009: A.L. (Tom) Giannoupolos

2008: Fraser Hickox

2007: John Springer-Miller

2006: John Burns

2006: Jon Inge, CHTP, ISHC

2005: David Burroughs

2005: W. Thomas Castleberry

2004: Ted Horner

2003: Richard Siegel

2002: Eric B. Orkin

2001: John F. Davis

2000: Robert S. Bennett

1999: Scott Heintzeman

1998: David Berkus

1998: Jules Sieburgh, CHTP

1997: Richard Brooks, CHA

1997: Michael Kasavana, Ph.D, CHTP

1996: William Oates

1995: George Zugmier

1994: James Yoakum

1994: Penelope Sellers

1993: John Cahill, CHTP, CHA

1992: Richard Moore, CDP

1991: Jack Morgan

1990: Robert Horgan

1990: Richard Nauman

1990: Sal Spano, CHAE, CHA

1989: Larry Chervenak, CHAE

1989: Carrol Lund

1989: Raymond Schultz