President’s Award

This award is selected solely by the current HFTP Global president and recognizes a person who has made a significant contribution to the success of the association in a given year.

The President's Award is presented annually at the HFTP Annual Convention by the current year's HFTP Global President.


President’s Award

Alan Young

Chris Contos

2016 - Amirul Islam

2016 - Alexander Shashou

2015 - Stephanie Anderson, CHAE, CPA

2014 - Ian Millar, CHTP

2013 - Danny Crinson

2012 - Allison Morris, CHTP

2011 - Jerilyn Schnitzel, CHAE, CHTP

2010 - Kris Shoemaker, CMA, CGFO, CHAE, CHTP, CPFIM