April 11, 2013

5 Things You Need to Know When Visiting Minneapolis

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You’ll need it. With a visit to Minneapolis soon, you’ll need to know these five things about us.

1) You Like Technology? So Do We.

You’re a technology professional. We use technology.


No, and that was a good ice breaker.

But, you should know this; we’re trend-setters in the tech game, and we are one of America’s techiest cities. The reason? We were one of the first cities to adopt WiFi AND the Geek Squad was founded here.

Even the grandparents here have Facebook accounts.

2) The Hottest Culinary Scene in the U.S.

Chew on this (pun absolutely intended): Travel and Leisure named 15 destinations across the world you HAVE to visit in 2013. There was only one city in America on that list.


It was there with Puerto Rico. Costa Rica. Italy. The Philippines. Nepal.

Why? Because our culinary scene is just that dominant.

Four-star menus made from locally-grown ingredients? We've got that.

James Beard Award-winning chefs? We've got that.

Food styles ranging from Germany all the way to the "hot zone?" We've got that too.

Minneapolis is a culinary powerhouse. Bring your fanciest eating bib.

3) We’re “City by Nature” For a Reason

We like the outdoors. A lot.

In no other city can you leave your hotel room, walk a couple blocks and hop in a kayak to conquer the Mississippi River.

We’ve got a lot of accolades for fittest city, best bike city, most walkable city, etc. What you should know, though, is that there are a lot of options.

Rent a bike and cruise our breathtaking trails.

Catch a baseball game in the home of the 2014 MLB All-Star Game.

Take a walk around our beautiful lakes.

Whatever you want to do outside, we’ve got it. Just pack some comfy athletic shoes.



You could just BUY some shoes here. We’re home to tax-free shopping on all apparel and accessories.

Tax. Free. Two opposite words that, together, make your bank account smile and your neighbor’s closet scream with envy.

And, really, could there be a better place to get more bang for your buck? We’ve got the largest mall in America (so cleverly named the Mall of America), one of the best shopping streets in the nation and an extremely diverse range of fashion trends.

Clean out the closet before you get here. You’ll definitely be leaving with some new threads. It’d be crazy NOT to.

5) We Can Be a Bit Dramatic at Times

Not in the “ex-boyfriend/girlfriend in college who just wants to talk” sense of dramatic, either.

We’ve got a great theatre scene. We’re second only to NYC in theatre seats per capita.

You can catch Broadway hits here.

You can see a show at the oldest sketch comedy theatre in the nation (it’s where Al Franken wrote before Saturday Night Live).

You even see high-profile dance here.

The city is a stage. Come stand in the spotlight.

Sean Bestor is the copywriter and web editor for the Meet Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Association.

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