March 2, 2016

Advanced Technologies & The Hospitality Industry

Written by HFTP Publications

For a very long time now, hotels, motels, and other similar accommodation options have represented essential parts of travelers' lives. They occupy a fairly simple space in people’s existence since they are a place where guests can lay their heads when they are away from home. At the same time, the role that advanced technologies play in the hospitality industry has continued to grow over the years. These technologies are able to significantly improve guests' stay. So there is no wonder the industry has now reached impressive figures, while continuing to expand periodically.

Communication technology trends play an impressive role in the hospitality trade. Since every advantage matters in this industry, managers should consider putting the most relevant of them into practice.

Mobile Devices Used As Door Keys

Just a few years ago, most people would have had a hard time imagining that the classic, metal locks and keys would undergo so much evolution. The classic or old school keys have turned into electronic key cards. They no longer take any physical form, but rather the key is transferred on the guest’s mobile device. There are hotels that have already started to implement this technology. They either rely on the NFC technology or they visually scan codes like see in many airports that scan plane tickets.

Professional locksmiths with lots of hands on experience as well as a solid interest for staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the technology sector can help out hotel managers. They can recommend the best solutions that will best match their budgets and custom needs, depending on the number of rooms, the size of the hotel, its location, the doors installed on the rooms, and so on. Hotels can also rely on access cards that will also eliminate the need to use metal keys. There is no risk of the cards being duplicated like a regular key. Hotels can also rapidly chance the access codes on the cards just like they would be required to re-key the locks when and old guest would leave and a new one would arrive. An authorized locksmith that specializes in commercial services should be able to present the entire list of alternatives to the classic locks and keys and effectively install them.

Take a look at the list of prices and flat rates for some of the most common types of locksmithing services here https://www.locksmithspros.com/prices and make an idea on how much it would cost to refresh the old metal locks on your hotel. Then consider the alternative of electronic locks that rely on access cards for example. Ponder all the advantages of switching to more technologically advanced lock mechanisms and talk to a licensed locksmith so they can have everything explained to you.

Service Automation For Hotels

Since lots of hotel guests prefer to use technology over human interaction for simple tasks, it is not uncommon to see remote check-in and check-out options. There are some hotels that currently allow guests to order room service right from their mobile devices.

Advanced Technologies & The Hospitality Industry