February 5, 2020

Get Back to Basics with Your Hotel’s Wi-Fi Network

Written by HFTP Publications

Latest Research from the HFTP Research Centers | Blog written by: Bianca Lopez

Here at the HFTP Research Centers, we are ringing in 2020 by addressing the elephant in the room: low-quality Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity is a pain point for many hotels. Issues are often reflected in poor online reviews, which can hit your bottom line where it hurts the most. For our latest white paper, “Your Connectivity Compass: Building Wireless Networks for the Future,” co-authored by myself [Bianca Lopez, HFTP Americas research associate] and Evita Ma, director of the HFTP Asia Research Center in Hong Kong, we interviewed a diverse group of tech experts, ranging from the onsite IT manager to the Wi-Fi network engineer, on how to get up to speed on Wi-Fi knowledge and tackle an upgrade the smart way.

Part of the issue can originate in a lack of fundamental Wi-Fi knowledge on the part of busy decision-makers who are not necessarily technology experts. If this describes you, you are not alone—this paper was written for you. By offering a plain-English primer on Wi-Fi functionality and infrastructure, the paper highlights the purpose and methods to invest in the right elements of your network. Furthermore, it identifies common instances where hotels have difficulty loosening their grip on costly legacy technologies that can weigh down operational expenses and lead to more maintenance issues over time. Finally, the paper offers helpful tips on finding the right service providers to suit your needs, and how to work with them over time to achieve the best results for your network.

Whether you are just starting out learning about Wi-Fi or you have a solid foundation to begin with, this white paper is essential reading if you want to get the most out of your Wi-Fi network and decrease costs over time.

The HFTP Research Centers offer our special thanks to IT expert Steve Ladha, former Wi-Fi engineer Jason Liang, Joe Martin of Single Digits, and Joaquín Salas of NETHITS Hospitality.

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Bianca Lopez is research associate for the HFTP Americas Research Center. She can be reached at +1 (512) 220-4038 or by email at [email protected]

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