January 12, 2011

Big companies are going local in the last year

Written by HFTP Publications


It’s one of the most worrying data from the global market: big brands are losing part of their place in the financial markets and this is the first and most direct consequence of decades spent growing larger and larger.

In fact, the current financial crisis doesn’t leave space to big brands. It’s a totally suffocating phase for the world economy and big brands have no sufficient time and tools to readapt to the new situation.

In few words, big brands aren’t the most suitable sized companies to survive in this crisis.

Going toward extinction

Let’s think about what happened long time ago, when the giant animals extinguished after deep climate changes. Who could survive those sudden and hard climate changes? Only the smaller animals. Why? Because they can adapt to new situations and life conditions quicker than bigger animals, whose metabolism and body structure needs longer times to fit new conditions.

Basically, the same thing is happening to the world economy. In the US, since a couple of years we can see how big brands are thinking to transform into smaller brands. Practically, going local is the keyword to survive the crisis effects.

So, big brands are getting back to their primitive cells represented by numerous small companies. Today, in the US, the most effective way to survive is to establish small sized firms, the best would be as small as 10 employees or so.

Local: that’s the way

Going local is the only chance to stay in the market. Local firms attract local customers, whose money stay in the local economy. Therefore, going local translates into a small economy system which is self sufficient.

Many local firms include local locksmith offices. In each American town or village there’s at least one locksmith office which can cover the exigencies of a population of about 20,000 inhabitants.

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Nationwide and local

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Big companies are going local in the last year