September 15, 2015

Event Planning: Activity Hosts And DJs

Written by HFTP Publications

The hospitality industry includes a wide variety of fields that are part of the service industry such as lodging, cruise lines, theme parks, and event planning. There are also many more additional fields that belong to the tourism industry that complete the multibillion-dollar hospitality industry. The secret behind its success? Good entertainment. Tourists and guests need to be well entertained with the help of activity hosts and DJs that create a fun and entertaining environment.

The Role Of Activity Hosts During Events

Activity hosts need to assist, as well as create different types of entertainment activities and events prone to keep traveling guests happy. These people need to posses good microphone skills as they will often times have to address large crowd of people and make themselves heard, while also managing these crowd, and having excellent office and management skills.

They might also be required to perform alongside various other entertainment team members such as dancers, clowns, fitness coaches, or kids' entertainers and disk jockeys. Socializing with guests, assisting with show watch and providing proper crowd control are additional responsibility of activity hosts.

How Can DJs Provide Top Entertainment?

Music has been with us for as long as we can remember, and researchers seem to have found the reason why we all love it so much. It would appear that we have a so-called “music center" in the brain, responsible for the processing and distribution of music across different areas of the brain for our enjoyment. No wonder why hotel lobbies, beaches, carnivals, and theme parks all have music playing in the background.

But for music to trigger the expected results and help guests feel happy and well-entertained, it needs to be accompanied by state-of-the-art sound technologies as well as top lighting. World famous DJs know this very well, and this is why they strive to buy the best sound and live music equipment they can afford. One of their favorite music sequencers and digital audio workstations is the Ableton Live. This software works for both OS X and Windows and it is a powerful instrument for live performances, but also a good tool for composing, recording, mixing, and mastering music. In other words, everything a DJ needs to keep the audience happy. There are also special laptop keyboard covers such as the EasySession Ableton Live Keyboard Cover found here https://www.easysession.com/collections/keyboard-covers/products/ableton-live-keyboard-cover that enable DJs to fast-track their daily workload, as well as record, write and quickly edit their music using a portable electronic device. The main advantage of using this keyboard cover comes from the fact that no special tools need to be used together with this cover to get maximum results. Hence, it can be a good alternative to complicated DJ workstation that are expensive and heavy to carry. The majority of Ableton Live's effects are common effects already adopted by DJs and electronic musicians but they can also be used for processing guitar rigs.

All of the keyboard shortcuts are coded with the help of colors, which means people working with them will need to spend less time memorizing shortcut keys. Since all keys are labeled with the help of multi-colored printing processes and are made from extremely durable rubber. These EasySession covers are also slip proof and have a smooth touch, making them well-suited for long-term use.

Event Planning: Activity Hosts And DJs