September 18, 2023

Meet the HFTP Global Board: Introducing Tariq Valani

HFTP Leadership
Written by Briana Gilmore

In the ever-evolving realm of hospitality technology, HFTP welcomes a formidable new asset to its esteemed board in the form of Tariq Valani. With a distinguished track record in large-scale support projects and digital platform transformation during his time as a senior vice president at Accor and beyond, he brings a wealth of knowledge and penchant for strategic thinking that is bound to propel the association to new heights. 

When did you first know you wanted to be in the hospitality industry and what is your favorite part?

I didn’t – I actually ended up getting a job in the IT department of a hotel management university which gave me exposure to the industry. The more exposure I got, the more I was hooked. I tried moving to banking and consulting but there was always something missing in those fields. There’s nothing like the human connection and the relationships you build in the hospitality industry, not to mention the beautiful environment and diversity of meeting guests and colleagues from all over the world. 

Why did you want to join the HFTP Global Board?

After being a part of the organization as a member and seeing the impact that the HITEC Advisory Council had, I wanted the opportunity to serve and do more. 

What HFTP initiatives are you interested in contributing to during your time on the board?

I believe that the association’s educational opportunities such as certifications have a lot of potential. I’d like to be involved in the continued global expansion of the organization, as well. 

What is a hobby or interest of yours outside of hospitality? 

I love playing golf — I wish I had more time for it! 

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