October 28, 2014

Tips For Managing Hotel Emergencies

Written by HFTP Publications

The complexity and high degree of fragmentation of today's business environment is forcing a large number of global organizations to take insulation measures in case of a crisis event. However, the fact that everyone can be a social media journalist now by simply reporting events he is personally noticing in real time is significantly simplifying crisis management. Photographs, video footage and precious information sent out to the police can save lives and prevent disasters from occurring. Of course there is also the reverse of the medal, when too much information reaching the hands of the wrong people can create chaos and more danger. For hotel or club managers who need to permanently host large numbers of guests, ensuring their safety and handling a variety of crisis requires a lot of preparation.

When Disaster Strikes...

There are many forms of crises hotel managers need to set up plans for. Crises caused by the natural force of the powerful nature such as tsunamis, floods, or hurricanes are some of the most spectacular and at the same time most damaging. But human-caused crises such as terrorist attacks also unfortunately exist, and need to be fought against with the help of special plans for unforeseen events.

  • Allocate responsibilities for all individuals working inside a hotel or club and constantly develop and improve hypothetical scenarios; this way, you asa manager will be able to more rapidly set up the best action plans.

  • Back-up capacities and staff training are mandatory steps in the process, and the entire staff needs to be well prepared to speedily respond to any security concern. Whether the emergency is something as apparently small and insignificant as an accidental lockout that can be handled with a fast emergency locksmith service call to the nearest local commercial locksmith, or something else, the hotel personnel needs to know exactly how to proceed.

  • Managing costs during a crisis event is also something that requires a good plan that needs to be carefully developed by managers. Local advice is highly recommended especially in contrasting geographic locations of international hotel chains placed around the world.

  • Maintaining good communication with the hotel guests during an emergency is also going to require carefully selected tactics. The use of high technology to maintain a high degree of safety inside your venue is also a must in today's society. But while a smartphone or tablet might not help you unlock an accidentally locked room inside your hotel, using it to search and find the nearest authorized locksmith that handles emergency lockouts for commercial spaces is just what you need. The 247phoenixlocksmiths.com team for example can successfully cater to the needs of hotel and club managers in the Phoenix area thanks to their nonstop, round the clock emergency service addressing the needs of home or car owners, as well as commercial managers. They do not only handle lockouts, but also install or repair security systems featuring advanced surveillance cameras, sensors, and digital print or card access points, rekey locks, install new locks, create key duplicates and everything else lock and security related.

Tips For Managing Hotel Emergencies