Reading the Palms: Why H-2B visas will continue to be key to your club and hotel's seasonal staffing success.

HFTP Gulf Coast Luncheon

For private clubs and hospitality organizations in Florida, utilizing H-2B visas to bring foreign staff to the USA to work during its busy months can play an immense role in an organization having a good season!  Despite the seemingly endless changes to the H-2B seasonal visa process over the past year, H-2B seasonal visas continue to be incredibly important to the private club and hospitality industries.  Attorney Keith Pabian will present on visa options for private clubs and hospitality organizations, the role of H-2B visas in an organization's staffing strategy, and provide an update on where the H-2B visa process stands today, just about 18 months after the government revised the regulations governing this visa.

Keith Pabian is the Founding Partner of Pabian Law, LLC, an immigration law firm in Boston, Massachusetts that focuses on assisting employers through the visa and immigration process.  Keith has a unique specialization in representing seasonal businesses from coast to coast with a special focus on the private club and hospitality industries.  Keith and his firm are very involved with the CMAA, National Club Organization, HFTP and their affiliated local chapters.  Keith has presented at numerous national conferences, local chapter meetings, and international webinars on immigration topics affecting the private club industry.  Keith's firm is a proud sponsor of the Florida Club Managers Association of America.

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Thursday Nov 17, 2016 11:30 AM
Thursday Nov 17, 2016 12:00 AM
Location : Stonebridge Country Club
Coordinator : Karen Gross
2100 Winding Oaks Way
Naples FL USA
Members Only : No
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