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AVaStar is a support program for venues that either want or need to provide basic audiovisual/event technology support for meetings and events primarily utilizing internal resources and equipment. 

Our program provides venues with an alternative to completely outsourcing these services or “going it alone” with staff that may or may not have the proper tools and support. The foundation of the AVaStar program is a subscription-based business management portal that allows all AV/technology management activities to take place within the same environment: scheduling equipment and services for events, needs forecasting, revenue and cost tracking, service and maintenance schedules, financial and operational reporting, and inventory management all comes from one system. Use of the program also ensures that industry best practices are followed and allows our AVaStar staff to provide feedback, additional resources, and support when requested.

In addition to the SaaS portal, the program also includes AVaStar Academy with training resources for user support and basic AV service skills, CapEx planning, procurement assistance, and on-call AV operational guidance and support.



Beachy is a Florida-based hospitality technology company serving the nation’s top resorts with activities reservations and mobile food and beverage solutions that improve the guest experience everywhere guests want to be.


Beachy solutions empower recreation and F&B staff to deliver a better guest experience while increasing top-line revenue by up to 60 percent at previously hard-to-service outlets across the resort property. Our integrated booking and ordering platform features Beachy’s patented geospatial technology that allows a resort to map their beach or pool deck.

  • • Beachy Guest Booking folds neatly into a resort’s website and allows guests to effortlessly reserve beach and pool chairs, paddleboards, cabanas, jet skis, and more.
  • • Beachy Attendant Booking makes guest amenity check-in a breeze – no more clipboards, no more pens.
  • • Beachy Food & Beverage is a 5G cellular-supported mobile point-of-sale solution that serves as a tightly-integrated extension of the industry’s leading fixed POS terminals, allowing for exceptional guest service at the farthest reaches of a resort’s beaches, pool decks, golf courses, and open-air banquet venues.
cogwheel analytics

Cogwheel Analytics

Cogwheel Analytics by Cogwheel Marketing is a data analytics startup that provides hotel management companies with a cloud-based media mix-model reporting dashboard for customizable eCommerce reports.

Powered by business intelligence and artificial intelligence, Cogwheel Analytics offers a fully automated solution to extract, consolidate and visualize data, allowing hotel leaders to shift their focuses from data entry to strategizing and action planning. The digital reporting dashboard features reporting metrics and visualizations for Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt hotels for brand-specific websites, Expedia TravelAds, Koddi, Google Ads, reviews, and social media performance.



hconnect is a hospitality integration and automation platform that provides a selection of tools to hotels to help their digital transformation.

We provide tools to connect common hospitality industry systems and enterprise solutions such as Property Management Systems, CRMs, and Spa. From simple connectivity to combining complex processes using our drag and drop process editor, hconnect helps hoteliers take control of their integration. Additionally, hconnect is preparing to launch its latest tool: the industry’s first independent PMS migration and data archiving tool. With this module, hoteliers can easily take data from their old system and choose what they would like pushed into the new PMS using vendor-certified integrations.

For data that should not or cannot be moved due to system limitations, hconnect can index and archive the encrypted data into a hotelier’s environment, allowing them to bring up historic records in under a second. From moving to and embracing their new technology stack, hconnect provides tools to assist hoteliers in every stage of their technology journey.

ota savings

OTA Savings

There are over 850,000 hotels worldwide that partner with online travel agents (OTAs) like booking.com and Expedia to sell rooms. Every month, these hotels are given four days to reconcile their reservation activity, and more than 80 percent have no choice but to do it manually. With today’s labor crisis, most of them don’t do it at all. 

OTA Savings' patented algorithm finds all commission overcharges in less than 10 seconds, verified them, and handles disputes on behalf of the hotel. Our software also identifies all available OTA reservations that the hotel failed to charge and ensures that the hotel receives all revenue from customers who paid the OTAs directly. Complemented by a prior-year audit, our pricing model is directly tied to actual savings.

robosize me


RobosizeME is a process automation specialist for the global hospitality industry, helping companies automate their operational processes based on unique industry knowledge and deep experience. Our virtual robots can help hospitality providers automate processes and optimize human effort across hotel operations, including reservations, front-of-house, back office, revenue management, group sales, engineering and meetings, and events.

A lack of experienced staff and a complicated combination of multiple IT systems are posing hotels and restaurants with the challenge of replacing years of accrued knowledge and an able workforce. Our system will help experienced hotel staff bring the focus back to guest experience and assist your business in delivering the expected cost-effectiveness and value. 

An all-inclusive, worry-free solution, our virtual robots are fully built, maintained, supported, and hosted by RobosizeME, including the connectors to hospitality IT systems and the automation software licensing.



TipQwik is a digital tipping platform that allows hotel guests to leave a gratuity for hotel staff directly from their smartphones. Our platform interfaces with the hotel property management system to notify the guest via text message or email of a tipping opportunity. A link takes the guest to the TipQwik dashboard, where they can quickly and easily choose their gratuity amount and payment method, whether it be ApplePay, GooglePay, a new credit card, or the credit card they already have on file with the hotel.

By using TipQwik, guests no longer need to carry cash nor need to worry about forgetting to leave a tip. Guests can access the TipQwik dashboard at their convenience, even at the airport while waiting for their flight home. With a digital tipping option, hotel employees can expect to see a boost in their compensation, and in turn, a boost in morale and loyalty. On the backend, TipQwik interfaces with timekeeping and payroll systems to ensure tips are allocated to the correct personnel on time.



UpStay is a leading provider of advanced ancillary upselling technology solutions for the hotel industry. Unique to the UpStay platform is its ability to function as a fully-automated technology that leverages data-rich analytics to personalize upsell recommendations and increase conversion rates.

With no monthly subscription and only nominal fees for hoteliers upon achieving successful upsells, UpStay further maximizes hotel profitability and satisfaction scores by allowing each guest to place bids on available upgrades or add-on options. UpStay’s solution ensures that hotel inventories are always sold at the highest possible price point while simultaneously elevating guest experiences and hotel business reputations with each guest able to place a bid on what they believe is a fair rate for a room or service upgrade.

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