Learn from the industry's leaders why and how the CHTP designation distinguishes professionals from the rest of the crowd. 

"In the IT industry we have certifications for techs, engineers, project managers, and security professionals all designed to validate an eduction and experience in their individual fields. The CHTP (Certified Hospitality Technology Professional) is the only certification I know of that validates current and potential candidates education and experience in the hospitality field. If you can pass this exam, I am confident you are qualified in our industry."

Scot Campbell, CHTP
Chief Technology Officer


"I have found the CHTP designation especially rewarding because it represents an IT professional that not only knows the complicated world of IT but has taken that extra step to learn the unique world of hospitality IT. I found the CHTP exam to be much more difficult than the CHAE exam because of the many different areas that are addressed. It is with great pride that I pick up my CHTP ribbon each year at HITEC or the Annual Conference."

Mark Pate, Sr., CHAE, CHTP, MBA
Assistant Controller & IT Director


“Earning the designation requires one to not only have a general background in IT, but also know the ins-and-outs of the hospitality infrastructure. With the CHTP, I am immediately identified as the one with the know-how.”

Doug McCurdy, CHTP
Senior Director of Hotel IT Services

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