Founding Donors

The HFTP Foundation is grateful to our members and stakeholders for their financial support. The Foundation also acknowledges the generosity of our Founding Donors. Founding Donors are individuals or companies who make a commitment to our founding year to establish the new Foundation, which will serve the hospitality industry by supporting cutting-edge research, educational projects and scholarships.

Founder’s Circle ($15,000+)

Benefactor ($7,000 - $14,999)

  • CBIZ
  • Timothy G. Nauss, CHAE 
  • Lyle Worthington, CHTP, HFTP Global President 2016-2017

Supporter ($1,000 – $6,999)

Contributor ($200 – $999)

  • Stephanie Anderson, CHAE, CPA, CGMA
  • Steve Argo, CHAE*, CHTP*
  • Thomas and Laurie Atzenhofer 
  • Paul Leo Babin, Jr., CHAE+
  • David W. Berkus 
  • Cheryl D. Brennan, CHAE+ 
  • Kelly Brennan 
  • Mercedes Bucelato
  • Myra M. Bumgarner, CHA
  • Jill Burnett, CHAE, CPA 
  • Verna Rae Caudle, CHAE,CHTP 
  • Sudharshan Chary and Sherry Marek
  • Daniel N. Conti, Jr., CHAE, CAM
  • Clyde C. Cruise 
  • Datavision Technologies, Inc.
  • Rae Anne DeBonville
  • Angel Delgado 
  • Thomas J Flanagan, CHAE
  • Neil Foster, CHTP, MBA 
  • Beverly  Garlington 
  • Kristin Gassick, CHTP
  • Rosemarie C Gearhart, CHAE 
  • Joseph G. Granucci, CHAE+,MBA
  • John Grigas, CHAE
  • Will and Lucinda Hart 
  • David Allen Herbert, CHAE+
  • HFTP Greater Austin Chapter
  • HFTP Greater Philadelphia Chapter
  • HFTP Monterey Chapter
  • HFTP New England Hotel Chapter 
  • HFTP Northern Connecticut Chapter
  • Cynthia Hughes 
  • Infinity Events Group
  • William Kirwan
  • Will and Jennifer Lee
  • Michael Levie, CHTP
  • Mark Lineberry
  • Anna McFarland, CFE,CHAE,CHTP,CPA 
  • Robin D. McLean, CHAE+,CPA
  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • David B. Miller
  • Ralph R. Miller, CPA, CA, CBV, CHA, CHAE
  • Murari Nambiar, CHAE+ 
  • Jessica  Ozuniga
  • Diane E. Rader
  • Frank A. Santos, CHA, CHAE+
  • Eileen A. Sarris, CPA, CHAE 
  • Jules A. Sieburgh, CHTP+ 
  • Sharon R. Skaggs, CPA
  • Mark E. Southard, CHAE,CHTP,CPA  
  • Thomas G. Smith, CHAE
  • Bernie Trieber
  • Jerry M. Trieber, CPA, CHAE, CFE, CFF, CGMA
  • John P. Visnick
  • Bryan and Melissa Wood 

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