2017 HITEC Amsterdam Keynote Speakers

Alex Krotoski

Wednesday, March 29

A Perspective of Technology within the World Today, and its Impact on Hospitality and Travel and Their Customers

Aleks Krotoski, CEO at Pillowfort Productions and presenter at BBC Radio, London

Aleks Krotoski is an award-winning international broadcaster, author and academic who is behind the BBC Radio 4 show The Digital Human and BBC World’s The Virtual Revolution.

Krotoski's presentation will explore the wider fundamental changes in technology and the internet today. The presentation will review how these changes will affect the hospitality and travel industries, and all of its customers, imminently and in the future.

Krotoski is CEO at Pillowfort Productions, as well as a presenter at BBC Radio based in London. She is also a research associate at the University of Oxford. Krotoski is the author of “Untangling the Web,” and is a freelance writer for various publications. She is an Emmy, BAFTA and Radio Academy award-winning academic journalist who writes about and studies psychology and technology. 

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Woody Wade


Scenario Generation: Thinking Differently about the Future

Woody Wade, owner and managing director at Wade & Co. and founder, publisher and editor-in-chief at The Hotel Yearbook

Woody Wade is a future scenario planning expert and author. He is owner and managing director at Wade & Co., as well as the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief at The Hotel Yearbook. He is a world-renowned speaker, writer and facilitator based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Wade's presentation will explore how company leadership can formulate winning strategies to stay competitive in the business terrain now and in the future. He will demonstrate to the audience, using a creative yet structured methodology, on why it is important to anticipate potential changes in your future business landscape.  

As a scenario planning expert he has worked with companies such as Mövenpick, Kempinski Philip Morris, UBS, Geneva Centre for Security Policy and a number of national governments to determine policy and future business landscapes. He is also the author of “Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future” and “Hotel Yearbook 2036.”


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