Day 3, Wednesday, June 19

Note: Program content and schedule are subject to change without notice.

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Registration, Housing Help, Mobile App Help Desk Open

Level 1
Hall C Lobby

Attendees and exhibitors may pick up their badge during this time. Pre-registered attendees and exhibitors be sure to bring your QR code with you either on your smart-phone or a printed copy. Also, please bring a form of identification to retrieve your registration. For those that wish to register on-site, you will also be able to do so during this time.  The HITEC Housing and HITEC Mobile App Help Desk will also be open during this time.

8:00 - 8:30 AM

Beverage Service

Level 2
200s Prefunction Area

Enjoy a refreshing beverage before you settle in for the education sessions.

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

CLEAR Signup Kiosks available

Level 1, C Lobby, Near HITEC Registration

CLEAR Signup Kiosks available.

Attendees and Exhibitors may sign up for CLEAR with a special HITEC promotion.

8:30 - 9:30 AM

Technology Showcase 4 - Empower your employees with Microsoft Teams - Presented by Microsoft

Level 2
102 C

Learn how Microsoft Teams can close the long-standing technology gaps that separate your employees from the tools, resources and expertise they need to do their best work. And more specifically how Teams empowers Firstline Workers, such as housekeepers, maintenance workers and front desk staff, who are more than two billion people in roles that make them the first points of contact between your company and the world it serves. They form the backbone of the hospitality industry and without them, the ambitions and strategies of your company could not be brought to life.

8:30 - 10:00 AM

Super Session: Integration with Application of Guest Technology

200 E
Level 2

System integration: Two words that strike fear in the hearts of hospitality technologists the world over. For decades, project teams have grappled with getting their systems to communicate and share data with each other — all in the name of improved customer experience and operational efficiencies. This session goes beyond the basics of system communication and dives into real-world examples of challenges, strategies, best practices and complexities faced by today’s hospitality technologist as they integrate hospitality technology.

Jai Govindani is chief technology officer at Red Planet Hotels
Steve D’Erasmo, CHTP is director POS solutions management at Hilton

Super Session: Distribution Channel Management Today

200 F
Level 2

Distribution puts revenue disciplines into a bind and impacts how hotels make some important strategic decisions. With hotels spending between 15 and 25 percent of guest-paid revenue to acquire their guests, understanding the profit contribution from each source and segment is now imperative. This session will focus on the evolving developments and trends – backed by the latest research and statistics -- that are impacting hotels’ efforts to develop business mixes that yield the highest profit contribution. Come away knowing the best way to align your resources with the best opportunities.

Cindy Estis Green is CEO and co-founder of  Kalibri Labs
Mark Carrier CHA is President of B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group
Andrew Rubinacci is SVP Revenue & Distrubution of Omni Hotels and Resorts


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Exhibit Hall Open

Level 1
Hall C Entrance

Join us for the largest tradeshow in the world dedicated strictly to hospitality technology. See hundreds of booths and companies all catering to the hospitality industry, and look out for the emerging technologies that are being introduced to the marketplace. This is THE place to see the new "toys in the store."

HFTP Booth and Member Retreat

Exhibit Hall, Level 1
Booth 2348

Located inside the Exhibit Hall, HFTP Members are invited to take a break, network and visit with friends and colleagues, in the HFTP Member Lounge. Enjoy refreshments, delicious snacks, discover HFTP resources, take certification practice exams, renew your HFTP membership, and much more. 

10:30 - 11:00 AM

Exhibitor Tutorial 7: Wi-Fi 6, 5G, Hotspot 2.0:Decoding Hotel Connectivity in 2019 - Presented by Eleven

Tutorial Room, Level 1
Exhibit Hall End of the 2200 Aisle

Guests want easy connectivity–wireless that just works. They don’t want to have to think about whether it’s faster to connect to Wi-Fi or easier to use their cellular data. They just want to stay connected wherever they are, without having to think about it. But just as guest demand for simplicity is growing, so is the complexity of wireless technology. From the emergence of Wi-Fi 6 and Hotspot 2.0 to the promise of 5G, keeping up with all the acronyms, numbers, and terms, is overwhelming. In this session, we will decode top wireless tech trends, including frictionless connection with Hotspot 2.0 (Passpoint™), seamless roaming between 5G and Wi-Fi 6, and more. Most importantly, we’ll discuss the implications these technologies have for hotel connectivity in 2019 and beyond.

Peri Pierone is CEO at Eleven

11:00 - 11:15 AM

Tech Talks 9-12: Presented by Smiths Detection, Knowcross, Mindtree, Evolve Controls

Level 1, Exhibit Hall
End of the 2500 Aisle

9. Guest Safety-X-Ray and Trace Detection - Presented by Andres Munoz, Technical Sales Engineer CBRNE, CXS, EDS at Smiths Detection

10. The Future of Hospitality - Presented by Nikhil Nath, Founder & CEO at Knowcross Inc.

11. Expectations Vs Reality: How to better serve the connected Traveler - Presented by Karan Rao, Program Director at Mindtree

12. Benefits of a Fully Connected Room - Presented by Kristin Miller, CEO at Evolve Controls

11:15 - 11:45 AM

Exhibitor Tutorial 8: Using your existing TV Coax cable to Deliver High speedinternet access - Presented by Teleste LTD

Tutorial Room, Level 1
Exhibit Hall End of the 2200 Aisle

All of our guests need more and more IP data and bandwidth. We don't have the time, budget or space, to install a new data cabling network to every room.
So why not use the existing TV coax cabling, to deliver this, just like your local Cable TV operator?

Jason Dando is Director at Teleste

12:00 - 12:30 PM

Exhibitor Tutorial 9: Physics in a hotel room? Why, yes. - Presented by Cambium Networks

Tutorial Room, Level 1
Exhibit Hall End of the 2200 Aisle

Hotels need fire resistant doors and soundproof walls. Hotel bathrooms have mirrors, tile, granite and metal that reflect RF signals and create null coverage areas. Concrete floors will attenuate 20dB RF signal between rooms vertically, effectively isolating each room into its own micro RF cell. An access point typically will transmit about 6x more power than a typical guest smartphone. To ensure a reliable connection, one access point per room is the best solution. Join us to discover how we take extra measures for hospitality to get it right the first time to ensure the best Wi-Fi every time for you and your guests. 

Daran Hermans is Director, Product Line Management at Cambium Networks 

12:45 - 1:15 PM

Exhibitor Tutorial 10: Balancing Data Privacy with Personalized Experiences - Presented by Republic Wireless

Tutorial Room, Level 1
Exhibit Hall End of the 2200 Aisle

As guests demand higher levels of custom tailored experiences, how do organizations balance the need for more data collection to drive customization versus pressure to keep customer data private?

Ibraheem Khalifa isProduct Manager at Republic Wireless

1:30 - 2:00 PM

Exhibitor Tutorial 11: Empowered Staff Yield Exceptional Guest Service - Presented by INTELITY

Tutorial Room, Level 1
Exhibit Hall End of the 2200 Aisle

Providing exceptional guest service is by far the most important factor in an industry where a single negative experience can result in the loss of a customer. Exceptional guest service begins and ends with your staff, but staff aren't always able to put their full focus on the guest experience when they're bogged down with administrative tasks. In this session, we'll discuss how you can leverage technology to empower your staff so they can spend their time on the right things: your guests. 

Robert Stevenson is CEO at INTELITY

2:00 - 2:15 PM

Tech Talks 13-16: Presented by Beekeeper, iSeatz, Cloud Reach and Teleste LTD.

Level 1, Exhibit Hall
End of the 2500 Aisle

13. Hospitality: The People Business - Presented by Connie Rheams, VP of Hospitality at Beekeeper

14. The Death of Room Service - Presented by Kenneth Purcell, Founder and CEO at iSeatz

15. All Things Cloud - Presented by Jeremy WardCloud Strategist, Cloud Reach

16. IP over the Existing TV network - Presented by Jason Dando, Director at Teleste LTD

2:15 - 2:45 PM

Exhibitor Tutorial 12: Latest innovation in the ECO friendly & convenient hotel access: 100% PET free RFID key cards - Presented by Arti Grafiche Julia Spa

Tutorial Room, Level 1
Exhibit Hall End of the 2200 Aisle

Real ECO & Convenient? Now reality with ECO friendly RFID KEY CARDS from Julia.
RFID key card allows a revolutionary way of interaction between physical media and guests. They foster convenient access to the facility areas, increase their security as well as boost the guest satisfaction by convenient wifi connection or direct communication with context-based experiences and personalised interactions. 
HOWEVER, up till now, RFID key cards carried substantial amount of PET in contrast to any ecological initiatives of hotels.
Julia ECO innovation redefines RFID KEY CARDS as you know it today. Supporting great Environmental initiatives of hotel brands, Julia enables convenient contactless access in an environmentally sustainable way.

Miriama Faberova is Business Development at Arti Grafiche Julia Spa

2:30 - 3:00 PM

Beverage Service

Level 2
200s Prefunction Area

Enjoy a refreshing beverage before you settle in for the education sessions.

3:00 - 4:00 PM

About HFTP Information Desk

Level 2, 200s Prefunction Area

Attendees are invited to stop by and learn more about HFTP, the association that produces HITEC.

Taking advantage of AI to Inform Revenue Management and Marketing Decisions

Level 2
200 B

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the use of computing power to make intelligent decisions and offers opportunities for automation, personalization and improved pricing when it comes to marketing and revenue management practices in hotels.
In this session, learn how AI can be used in hotel marketing campaigns more effectively by leveraging the data collected by hotels. Discuss the change AI brings to the role of revenue manager. Also, explore the use of data mining of hotel booking data to develop insights into customer preferences.

Katerina Berezina, Ph.D., CHTP, CRME, CHIA is Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
Vivek Bhogaraju, is Director, Revenue Management Solutions, Expedia
Raman (R.P.) Rama, B.Com, CHA Emeritus, CHAE, CHTP is President & CTO/CIO, Sarona Holding
Kimberly Nevala, is the Strategic Advisor, SAS

Hospitality IT Turnover

Level 2
200 E

Many hospitality managers believe turnover is more problematic in hospitality IT than other IT career paths. There could be a myriad of factors at work leading to a greater turnover rate in hospitality IT personnel. What does the data show? This session will provide turnover data, different career pathways for IT professionals and an assessment of existing best practices to limit turnover stemming from related case studies.

Dr. Justin Taillon is Professor, Department Head, Highline College
Cameron Hammond is Vice President, Global Field Technology Services, Hyatt
Kris Singleton is Chief Information Officer, International Cruise & Excursions
Vanessa Ogle is CEO Enseo

The Sharing Economy: What is Our New Competitive Reality?

Level 2
200 F

In this session the panel will discuss personal panic alarms and the push for inclusion in hospitality. What are the legal mandates, what devices are available,  what’s best for my property, and more?  The panel will cover will giv you the tools to determine your hotel requirements?  What are the important features for alarms and some of the implications that vary by hotel?  Come learn, listen, and contribute to our discussion, with an amazing panel of experienced hoteliers who have thoroughly navigated these challenges, and excited to share “what you need to consider”.

Larry Mogelonsky is Hotel Strategist and Industry Pundit, Hotel Mogel Consulting
Lee Ann Benavidez is VP Transient Strategy and Sales Operation, MGM Resorts International
Kevin Carey is EVP and COO, AHLA
Jamie Lane is Senior Managing Economist, CBRE Hotels/ CBRE Economist Advisors

Digital Transformation for Hospitality

Level 2
200 I

In this session you will hear from industry experts about a hospitality digital transformation framework that is being utilized to transform hoteliers and retailers around the world.  You will learn what true disruption means, and how the next generation infrastructure plays a key role in preparing any organization for success and plan for the future. We will present an analysis that looks at all areas of the business from guest experience to staff productivity and where digital capabilities can be applied to create true value. Using these “value drivers” we will share a transformation framework, created and vetted by industry experts. Finally, we will also discuss some potential solutions in the areas of guest experience, staff productivity, and data and analytics.

Donna Hale is Principal Consultant at 5P Consulting
Kevin Yarnell is Global Account Manager Hospitality & Gaming, Cisco Systems
Amit Chetal is Retail & Hospitality Lead, Cisco

Technology Showcase 5: Oracle Hospitality Cloud - Platform for Hotel Sales, Events & Operations. Presented by Oracle Hospitality

Level 1

Join us for a conversation about hospitality industry trends and the evolution of the Oracle Hospitality Cloud. Learn how Oracle Hospitality- Cloud can serve as a platform for both hotels and food & beverage sales and operations, the key capabilities it offers to help you deliver a more personalized guest experience and how it can energize group sales and events.

Tanya Pratt is Assoc. VP OPERA Cloud Strategy at Oracle Hospitality

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