Meet the Keynote Speakers
HFTP 2016 Annual Convention & Tradeshow


Wednesday, October 19 - 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Cybersecurity Risks and Data Breach Response Tips - What Happens Here Shouldn't Stay Here

The hospitality industry is a prime target for cyber criminals. Hotels and clubs store a considerable amount of personal information which is a rich payload for these bad actors. This session will expose the audience to some concerning facts about cyber breaches, the legal landscape, actual data privacy events that have occurred, mistakes that were made and best practices for a better response to data breaches.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand recent trends in data breaches both in all industries and specifically in hospitality.
2. Appreciate the reality of being able to identify a data breach and cyber risks.
3. Get an overview of the legislative and notification requirements.
4. Understand the need to form an Incident Response Team and develop a comprehensive incident Response Plan.
5. Best practices in response to data breaches and cybersecurity incidents.

James Giszczak is an attorney, vice chair of the litigation department and chair of the data privacy and cybersecurity practice group at McDonald Hopkins PLC.

Dominic Paluzzi is an attorney and a member of the data privacy and cybersecurity practice group at McDonald Hopkins PLC.

Thursday, October 20 - 2:15 - 3:45 PM
Making Your Competition Irrelevant - Strategies for Success in a Global Economy

In a faster and ever-growing marketplace, HFTP International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame inductee Michael Levie, CHTP will examine the possibilities on how our very own businesses can stand out and prosper ahead of our competition set. Drawing from Blue Ocean Strategy, developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, he will show that “lasting success increasingly comes, not from battling competitors, but from creating blue oceans of untapped new market spaces ripe for growth.” See how pursuing differentiation and lowering costs stand at the center, and how to achieve that in addition to completing our own day to day tasks. This session will explore the necessary tools needed, how to create your own blue ocean, where to find models of success and what success looks like. Learn about company culture and DNA, rather than a step-by-step process and get motivated to achieve.

Michael Levie, CHTP, is a globally known hospitality executive and successful entrepreneur. Levie is a current member of the HFTP Global Board of Directors and has been given awards from organizations around over the globe. Most recently, he was one of inductees to the HFTP International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame. He is an aggressively sought after speaker, and has presented to the hospitality industry on all continents, prime ministers and CEO's. He is a native of The Netherlands and a Essec MBA in hospitality management (IMHI Cornell / Essec) graduate.

Friday, October 21 - 8:00 - 9:30 AM
Measuring Data to Create the Future

When making business decisions, why do people consistently rely on the opinions of colleagues and their own intuition over company data? This session will take a comprehensive look at how the measurement practices have evolved in the hospitality industry and what companies can do to improve the application of data and the velocity of their own decision-making. In addition to solutions, case studies and best practices, we will also uncover how these techniques are enabling new strategies to take shape across businesses, returning the focus to customers instead of technology.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand how to strengthen your organizational culture to improve measurement practices.
2. Leverage data to understand and respond to the changing needs of your customers.
3. Discover ways to prove the incremental impact of change across the business.
4. Learn how to break down barriers from internal silos and systems through shared KPIs.

Mike Clarke, Ph.D. is head of Brand Measurement at Google, Inc. leading research and measurement for the Google brand advertising business. Mike has a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Waterloo, where his dissertation was focused on human computer interaction, and specifically designing systems for using marketing analytics technology in the workplace.

Neil Hoyne serves as Google's Head of Customer Analytics leading efforts designed to understand how marketing channels and personalization strategies come together to improve business performance. He is an international speaker at industry, academic and government events, and the inventor of numerous patents in the measurement space.