2019 General Session Speakers

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
5:15 - 6:30 PM
Speaker: Marilyn Sherman

Communicating for Results: From Conflict to Cooperation

No one likes conflict and it is not fun having to confront employees on their behavior. How do you let someone know they need to improve without having a constructive conversation escalate into workplace drama? You need to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it in order to resolve a situation before it turns into a conflict. This session will provide the tools to help you keep your cool when confronting others, or even when you're being confronted by someone else. Learn what to say to the bully so they won't bother you again. You will be able to tell it like it is, but in a way that brings people together and not alienate or divide.

Marilyn Sherman is a motivational speaker and the author of three books including Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?, Why Settle for the Balcony: How To Get a Front-Row Seat in Life, and Front-Row Service. She has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat in life. Marilyn has served on the boards for the National Speakers Association Las Vegas and San Diego chapters. She also held national positions as the chair of the Motivational Speaker Professional Expert Group and headed up four labs that were conducted across the country.

ThursDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2019
3:35 - 4:50 PM
SPEAKER: chris davidson

How Travelers Think. And, Why You Should Care

Now in its 29th year, MMGY Global’s Portrait of American Travelers is the industry’s most respected and insightful survey of emerging vacation habits, preferences and intentions of American consumers. Chris Davidson, MMGY’s Executive Vice President of Insights & Strategy, will share the firm’s most current leisure travel research, providing valuable insights into how, where and why people travel. He will highlight the destinations travelers most want to visit in the year ahead, explore the popularity of golf, culinary experiences and other leisure activities on vacation, and he will explain the growing popularity of unique experiences in lieu of the accumulation of material possessions. He will also explore what factors affect consumers’ hotel decisions and what information they expect from hotel websites and social media feeds. The presentation is a must for any industry professional hoping to more effectively qualify, reach and influence the American leisure traveler.

Chris Davidson is executive vice president for MMGY Global where he oversees the travel insights division. He is responsible for the agency’s portfolio of syndicated and custom research products, including its Portrait of American Travelers series and its DK Shifflet suite of travel performance products. He also directs the organization’s substantial investment in travel intelligence and how it fuels marketing strategies that drive results. Chris has 25 years of experience in market research, strategic planning, brand strategy and integrated marketing communications.

Friday, October 25, 2019
8:45 - 10:00 AM
Speaker: Ty Bennett

Partnership is the New Leadership

Over the last five years a survey of more than 5,000 leaders asked one question: “What do you want from your people?” The overwhelming answer? Commitment. What it takes to both create and retain that commitment is NOTHING like it used to be. That’s where leadership expert Ty Bennett, helps organizations bridge the gap between old school mentalities and real-world solutions that connect with team members of every level today. 

Leading with fear or trading on titles is no longer effective. In their place, partnership, communication, inclusion and connection have become game-changers. Ultimately, we are in the people business, which is, without question, the business of building relationships. How? Using specific, time-tested skills and solutions to cultivate trust. Encourage collaboration. Deliver value. Inspire ideas and insights. And yes, fuel commitment amongst team members to do more, reach higher and develop their own leadership skills.

Ty Bennett is a professional speaker and best-selling author of The Power of Influence: Increase Your Income and Personal Impact and The Power of Storytelling: The Art of Influential Communication which are used in graduate courses at multiple universities, including MIT. With a natural ability to engage and empower others, Ty draws on his experience in the trenches to share real and tangible techniques about the principles of leadership that continue to create his success. He is the founder of Leadership Inc. and has been featured as one of the Top 40 Under 40.

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