Thursday, October 24, 2019

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7:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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8:00 - 9:15 AM

Internal Controls in a Digital Age

In today's digital age internal controls are exposed to a new set of vulnerabilities. Understand who the bad actors are in this new era and what they are trying to obtain? This session is designed to help you assess your areas of weakness and review promising off-the-shelf solutions.

Scott Boren, CHAE, Independent Consultant and Former Director, Compliance & Treasury Management, Northwood Hospitality, LLC

Specialty Reporting Area: Finance

Top Trends and Challenges in Hospitality Technology

Technology changes the way we conduct business, and the hospitality industry is no exception. New methods of transportation, artificial intelligence, voice-controlled systems, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, sustainable technologies, shared economies, the advancement of social media — these are just some of the many changes taking place in hospitality today.  This session will outline some of these new technologies, challenges and trends happening right now and how they will impact attendees’ businesses. Learn how to develop effective strategies for dealing with these new technologies and the challenges that come with them.

Cihan Cobanoglu, CHTP, Ph.D., McKibbon Endowed Chair Professor, University of South Florida
Katerina Berezina, Ph.D., CHTP, CRME, CHIA, Assist Professor, Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management, University of Mississippi

Specialty Reporting Area: Technology

Sponsored by Hospitality Upgrade

Enlightening Updates on Human Resources Labor Law

Human resources is a significant component to operations, and following the constantly shifting legal requirements is a job in itself. Take stock of the significant laws, regulations and policies affecting the workplace, including the newest from this past year. The session will give you guidance on compliance, including identifying useful resources and outlining proactive steps to help reduce potential exposure.

Thomas Lenz, J.D., Partner, Atkinson, Andelson Loya, Ruud & Romo

Specialty Reporting Area: General

Healthy Work Habits: The Secret to Reduce Workers Comp Injury Costs

Are you in need of a system that, for 12 years, has had 100 percent success in reducing hotel injuries by an average of 50 to 90 percent? This session will cover the benefits and cost savings that hotels, resorts and clubs can have from reducing work-related injuries while improving productivity, employee morale and the guest experience — thus, significantly impacting your profitability. Explore a case study of a high-risk department moving from a high volume of injuries to no injuries. Learn a host of new solutions, self-treatment techniques, training methods, supervisory skills and a system to maintain the application of healthier work habits now and in the future.

Dr. Barry Carlin, CEO, Best Performance Systems, Inc.

Specialty Reporting Area: Finance

9:35 - 10:50 AM

Dues Equivalents – What Are They, and Why Are They Important?

How many times have you been asked the following question: How many club members do you have? Is the question easy to answer? How important is it for you to know the number? Many clubs have multiple membership categories: golf, tennis, house, pool, social, winter, weekday and senior, just to name a few. In this session, learn how to use the important metrics of dues equivalents to track the health of your club membership, which is critical to your budgeting process. Examine this metric and other relevant KPIs that are essential for managing club finances.

James Hankowski, CPA, Partner, Condon O'Meara McGinty & Donnelly, LLP
Burton Ward, CCM, CCE, General Manager, Century Country Club

Specialty Reporting Area: Finance

Retail Therapy: How to Shop for Major IT Investments

In many ways, replacing a major existing hotel service system (like a PMS, POS or sales and catering system) can be a more strenuous process than starting from scratch. Next generation buyers and decision-makers come into the process with high hopes, shattered dreams and carried baggage. System acquisition and implementation is an uphill battle that often ends with mixed results. This session is about not just surviving the process, but identifying the success factors and making an effective transition from old to new. Also, learn how to construct a meaningful needs assessment; shop comparative technologies; outfit multiple locations, collections or chains; and build consensus for project success.

Michael Schubach, CHAE+, CHTP+, Chief Technology Officer, Millennium Technology Group - Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Specialty Reporting Area: Technology

Sponsored by Hospitality Upgrade

Human Trafficking and the Hotel Industry: A Legal and Ethical Time Bomb

Most hotel managers and employees have no idea how prevalent human trafficking is today — both in their community and right under their own roof, with the anonymity and privacy of hotel rooms providing the perfect venue. Now, victims seek to hold hotel companies liable for failing to notice the signs of trafficking or, even worse, turning a blind eye. What should hotels be doing  to recognize and prevent human trafficking on their properties? This session will discuss human trafficking in the hotel industry, explain how your employees can identify and report signs of trafficking activity in their hotel environment, and explore the legal and ethical implications human trafficking poses for the hotel industry.

Keith Barron, Esq., Instructor II; Dean’s Designee; Program Assessment Coordinator
College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

Specialty Reporting Area: Ethics

Sponsored by American Hotel & Lodging Association

More than a Trend: How and Why to Develop a Sustainable Property

The concept of sustainability goes beyond existing as a trend or marketing tagline — it can be not only profitable, but also critical, to a business’ success. In this session, learn what it means to be "sustainable." 
Explore the concept from a total perspective: profit, planet, people, ethics and equity. Discover how to develop the culture of sustainability in your property. Discover the financial and marketing benefits of having a sustainable property. Finally, learn how to measure the results and maintain a sustainable property. Do not get left behind while your competition captures this fast-growing guest niche.

Michael "Doc" Terry, Ph.D., CHA, CHE, Associate Instructor, University of Central Florida, Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Specialty Reporting Area: Finance

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

HFTP Foundation Silent Auction

The inaugural HFTP Foundation Silent Auction will take place at the 2019 HFTP Annual Convention. All proceeds will benefit the HFTP Foundation​. Items will be available in advance to all. Select items will be on display onsite at the HFTP Annual Convention in Orlando, FL USA.

11:10 AM - 12:00 PM

Litigation under the ADA: Protect Your Company from Lawsuits

A recent batch of lawsuits filed across the United States against hotels, restaurants and clubs allege their websites violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Hospitality properties also face tricky, complex ADA issues regarding service animals and customer allergies. These lawsuits are more often than not contentious, expensive and time-consuming — and the number of lawsuits has been increasing exponentially. This session will present practical tips and cost-effective strategies for managing the risk of ADA-related litigation that stem from websites, service animals and allergies in this ever-evolving area of the law.

Jordan Schwartz, Partner, Labor and Employment Practice Group, Conn Maciel Carey LLP

Specialty Reporting Area: General

Making the Business Case

The most successful IT initiatives are typically a result of an engaged organization. In this session, learn the strategies to make your IT project one that serves the business as a whole. Discover ways to communicate with both technical and non-technical oriented individuals that emphasizes the importance of the IT initiative. And gain valuable insights on what information decision-makers need to make the right decisions for your business.

Robin Koetje, IT Director, The Hotel Group, Inc.
James Lingle, President, James Lingle Consulting

Specialty Reporting Area: Technology

Increase Employee Engagement for Hourly Workers

It is no secret that businesses with large numbers of hourly workers tend to have notoriously high turnover rates. Employee involvement in schedule and shift selection can boost employee engagement, communication with supervisors and collaboration with coworkers — while also attracting new workers. Learn techniques for implementing an automated process that will increase employee autonomy, while allowing you to retain and attract top talent.

Beth Baerman, Director of Communications, Attendance on Demand

Specialty Reporting Area: General

Maintain Alignment Between Management Company and Owner

This in-depth session will provide a look into the management agreement (MA) drafted by a management company. These often include provisions for reimbursement of “centralized services” and “corporate billables.”  The provisions are intended to increase value and improve efficiencies, but they are frequently offset by increased corporate support costs and fee allocations — which makes the net impact difficult to evaluate.
This session will highlight suggestions, ideas and examples to provide assurance of the value of your participating programs and costs. Learn why these billables and programs are essential to success, and how you can comply with your management agreement. Also, learn how to maintain favorable relations with your management company and how to provide assurances to the business owner, even as you challenge disputed costs.

Arthur Burger, CHAE+, Senior Vice President, CHMWarnick

Specialty Reporting Area: Finance

12:00 - 2:00 PM

Lunch with Table Top Exhibits

Visit with exhibitors and colleagues in a networking style luncheon.

2:00 - 3:15 PM

The Science of the Deal

Acquiring a new property is a complex process that leans on keen analysis. Take a lesson on “The Science of the Deal” to prime you for identifying and making new deals. An explanation of the underwriting process and valuation; plus a question and answer period will put you in a position to make smart property acquisition deals.

Jordan Kornberg, Managing Director, Northwood Investors, LLC

Specialty Reporting Area: General

Power BI – The Future of Financial Reporting to Managers

What data is important to gauge business fluctuations? In this session, learn how to draw from multiple sources of information (i.e. weather) to use as real-time data for up-to-the-minute financial results and trends. Post tailor-made dashboards to the cloud and deliver your targeted information to the right people in time to make important decisions. Target membership, determine spending patterns and declining use, and identify demographics for marketing purposes. All of the information is provided in real time for real decisions. Finally, go right to the data behind the scenes, instead of having to produce reports out of your POS system.

Jonathon Goodman, CHAE, CPA, Controller, Frenchman's Creek Beach & Country Club

Specialty Reporting Area: Finance

Best Practices in the Club Accounting Department

Clubs operate with a much smaller accounting staff compared to other organizations, but they still need to consider the same internal control risks and accounting best practices as their larger counterparts. In this session, start at the top of the balance sheet with cash and work your way through the financial statements to examine the common pitfalls and solutions. Learn how to implement strong internal controls to help mitigate fraud risks, increase reliability of financial information, and ensure compliance with laws, regulations and policies.

Geoffrey Benedict, CPA, CGMA, Partner, Benedict Audit & Tax Group, LLC

Specialty Reporting Area: Finance, Ethics

Human Resources 101

Many times a controller is hired first, only to be informed later that they are responsible for human resources functions. If you find that you have been given an HR responsibility without much background, take this opportunity to go over  basic HR functions for the hospitality controller. Participants will learn all about the “dos and don’ts” of the HR job, the onboarding process and where to turn for additional resources. Also, get an overview on worker’s compensation and several acronyms important to HR, including: FLSA, EEO, FMLA, COBRA and ADA.

Yelena Fernandez, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Aperio Group Inc.

Specialty Reporting Area: General

3:35 - 4:50 PM

General Session: How Travelers Think. And, Why You Should Care

Now in its 29th year, MMGY Global’s Portrait of American Travelers is the industry’s most respected and insightful survey of emerging vacation habits, preferences and intentions of American consumers. Chris Davidson, MMGY’s Executive Vice President of Insights & Strategy, will share the firm’s most current leisure travel research, providing valuable insights into how, where and why people travel. He will highlight the destinations travelers most want to visit in the year ahead, explore the popularity of golf, culinary experiences and other leisure activities on vacation, and he will explain the growing popularity of unique experiences in lieu of the accumulation of material possessions. He will also explore what factors affect consumers’ hotel decisions and what information they expect from hotel websites and social media feeds. The presentation is a must for any industry professional hoping to more effectively qualify, reach and influence the American leisure traveler.

Chris Davidson is executive vice president for MMGY Global where he oversees the travel insights division. He is responsible for the agency’s portfolio of syndicated and custom research products, including its Portrait of American Travelers series and its DK Shifflet suite of travel performance products. He also directs the organization’s substantial investment in travel intelligence and how it fuels marketing strategies that drive results. Chris has 25 years of experience in market research, strategic planning, brand strategy and integrated marketing communications.

Specialty Reporting Area: General

5:00 - 6:15 PM 

CHAE and CHTP Certification Recognition Event

Join your fellow designees for cocktails and appetizers at an invitation-only reception. Catch up with colleagues and meet new friends while finding out what is new with HFTP's certification program.

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