Charter A Student HFTP Chapter

Charter a Student Chapter

Chartering a student chapter is simple. Just follow the seven steps below.


  1. Contact the HFTP Global office and notify them of your intent to charter a student chapter.
  2. Form an organizing committee of five interested individuals.
  3.  The proposed student chapter should receive permission and follow the university's guidelines for setting up a student organization.
  4. Hold an organizational meeting encouraging students to join the proposed student chapter.
  5. The proposed student chapter must have 10 HFTP student members, plus a faculty advisor. Note: Faculty Advisors should contact HFTP for special membership dues pricing.
  6. At or following the general organizational meeting, the proposed chapter should nominate chapter officers and directors and create chapter bylaws.
  7. The HFTP Executive Committee reviews charter applications. The organizing committee will be notified of the Executive Committee’s decision within 30 days.

Charter applications consist of:

The HFTP Board of Directors determines the chartering policies and procedures for chapters.