Regional Conference Date Approval

  • Regional conference dates must be approved by HFTP Global.
  • Regional conference may not be scheduled within 30 days prior to HITEC, HFTP Annual Convention or any scheduled HFTP events without approval from HFTP Global.
  • At least one (1) host chapter and two (2) sponsoring chapters should be involved in the organization of the regional conference.
  • The conference outline and list of regional planning committee members should be provided to HFTP Global.
  • The regional conference proposed budget should be submitted to HFTP Global.

Speaker Stipend Application

  • The host chapter may apply for a $500 USD stipend, per each chapter participating in the regional conference to off-set speaker expenses. Stipends will be payable to the host chapter after the event.
  • The speaker stipend must be allocated for contracted speaker fees.
  • Speaker contracts must be submitted with the Speaker Stipend Application. Applications submitted without the speaker contracts will not receive regional funding.
  • Chapters on probation are not eligible for the stipend.

CEO/Officer Application

  • Chapter may request for the HFTP CEO or Global Officer to attend the regional conference.
  • Request should be submitted at least 3 months prior to the date of your event.
  • The CEO or Global Officer will present the HFTP Update.
  • The chapter may request a specific HFTP representative; however, the visitor will be assigned based upon individual schedules.

Regional Conference Marketing

  • Regional conferences should include “Regional” in the conference title.
  • Regional conferences are a chapter sponsored event and not produced by HFTP Global.
  • Regional conferences should be promoted as being regional in all printed and electronic materials.
  • For legal matters and to reduce chapter liability, a proof of the printed or electronic brochure, email or other marketing material must be submitted to HFTP Global for approval.
  • Regional conferences may be promoted thru the HFTP News and social media channels. The host chapter is responsible for providing information to the HFTP Communications Department.

Certification Reviews/Exams

  • Chapters have an option of hosting certification reviews and exams during the regional conference.
  • Complete and submit to HFTP Global the Chapter or Regional Hosted Review/Exam Request Form located in the Regional Planning Submission Center.
  • When hosting both the CHAE and CHTP Review Sessions:
    • Scheduling Recommendation: Review Sessions - AM / Exam - PM
    • Accommodations for Reviews/Exam:
      • For both CHAE and CHTP Reviews you will need two rooms with AV package.
      • For only one designation you will need only one room with AV package and WiFi. Suggest Review in the AM and Exam (WiFi needed) in the PM.
  • When hosting an Exam only, you will need only one room (may host both CHAE and CHTP exams) with WiFi.

Continuing Education Credit

  • A minimum of eight (8) hours of continuing education credits must be provided at the regional.
  • Complete the HFTP Regional CPE Planning Template.
  • Upon completion of the Regional, attendees are to submit their respective Regional CPE Verification Form. The link will be provided via program scheduling and announced during the event(s). 

General Guidelines/Helpful Information

  • Plan and promote a meeting program that will attract the majority of chapter members.
  • Strongly encourage all chapter officers and directors to attend the meeting.
  • Invite members of allied associations to attend the meeting, if appropriate.
  • Obtain audio/visual needs, microphone, screen, projector, etc.
  • Inform the speaker (officer or director) of the type and size of audience they will be addressing.
  • Obtain a biography on the speaker for use in the introduction.
  • Provide a minimum of one hour for the speaker to complete the presentation and address any questions that follow. 
  • Reconfirm the schedule and arrival time with the speaker in writing.
  • Send the speaker a copy of the meeting agenda.  A copy should also be forwarded to the global office.
  • Reconfirm arrangements (travel, accommodations, etc.) 72 hours prior to the speakers arrival.

If you have questions regarding regional conference planning, please contact the Regionals Conference department at