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What does the New CHAE exam cover?  (Effective January 1, 2017)

1Financial Accounting60
2Managerial Accounting80
3Ethics, Fraud, & Internal Controls35

Candidates must pass all four (4) sections with a score of 70% in each section to become certified.

Four sections of the CHAE Exam covering the below areas of competency:

New Exam Organization:

1.    Financial Accounting
    1.1.    Financial Accounting Concepts
    1.2.    The Balance Sheet
    1.3.    The Income Statement
    1.4.    The Cash Flow Statement

2.    Managerial Accounting
    2.1.    Managerial Accounting Concepts
    2.2.    Analytics
    2.3.    Revenue Management
    2.4.    Budgets and Forecasts
    2.5.    Labor Analysis

3.      Ethics, Fraud, & Internal Controls
    3.1.    Ethics
    3.2.    Fraud
    3.3.    Internal Controls

4.    General
    4.1    General (HR, M & A, Management, etc.)
    4.2    CHAE Information

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What do the questions look like?

1. The normal balance of the retained earnings account of a hotel is:
a. Debit
b. Credit
c. Either a or b
d. Neither a or b

Answer: b

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