What does the CHAE exam cover?

1Basic Accounting50
2Managerial Accounting50
3Asset Management35
4Tax and Law (Canadian Version Available)37
5Hospitality Operations28

Candidates must pass all five (5) sections with a score of 70% in each section to become certified.

Five sections of the CHAE Exam covering the below areas of competency:

Basic Accounting

Accounting theory
Accounting flow
General journal entries
Statement preparation

Managerial Accounting

Ratio analysis
Cost-volume-profit analysis
Profit planning
Internal controls

Asset Management

Cash management and analysis
Inventory control
Capital budgeting
Capitalized leases

Tax & Law (Canadian Version Available)

Basic partnership & corporate tax
Payroll/tip credit
Deferred tax
Sales taxes and property taxes
Basic innkeepers law
Wage and hour
Credit laws
Basics of contracts

Canadian Version Reference Suggestions


Industry terminology Yield management Purchasing cycles and controls

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What do the questions look like?

1. The normal balance of the retained earnings account of a hotel is:
a. Debit
b. Credit
c. Either a or b
d. Neither a or b

Answer: b

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