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According to the HFTP Compensation and Benefits Survey, professionals with the CHTP designation earn 17% higher salary than those without a designation.

CHTP Certification with HFTP

The New CHTP

The Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) is a hospitality specific designation. As opposed to other technology designations, the CHTP shows both a dedication to hospitality AND technology.  The New CHTP program's exam and application is now available.

"We are firmly committed to continuing education within our profession and ensuring that we effectively adapt to changing technologies and evolving our business practices to match. HFTP’s newest generation of Technology certification effectively marries industry experience with core technology knowledge. Frank and the team have done an exceptional job representing Hospitality IT professionals, and we are so excited to demonstrate our support by certifying our entire IT group." 

Andy Tjan, CHTP
Corporate Director of Technology & Innovation
Rosewood Hotel Group

“Earning the designation requires one to not only have a general background in IT, but also know the ins-and-outs of the hospitality infrastructure. With the CHTP, I am immediately identified as the one with the know-how.”

Doug McCurdy, CHTP
Regional Director of IT, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Active CHTP Certificants have reported higher salaries and various career advancement opportunities. Becoming certified indicates that you are committed to professionalism, continuing education, and your chosen career path. HFTP offers the only designation for technology professionals who are working in the hospitality industry. 

See the CHTP FAQ page here

Downloads & Forms

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CHTP Application
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Certification Ethics Policy
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