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Certification Online Exam

CHAE & CHTP Exams are Available Online

Download Guide to Online Exams

In order to take the exam online, you must have a completed application on file. HFTP’s certification exams must be proctored. Exams are given throughout the year at HFTP sponsored events. If you are interested in taking the exam privately, HFTP can help locate a proctor.

Online test results are sent instantly by email once a section of the exam is completed. If you have an approved application on file and a proctor that is ready, you can be scheduled to test with in a few working days notice.

System Requirements for Online Exams

High speed internet access is a must due to the fact that you are given a 4 hour time-frame in which you must complete all sections of the exam. The online exams can be given from a wired or wireless internet access point. Your operating system must be a Windows Based Operating System and you must use Internet Explorer as your browser. You are required to download and install a software called QuestionMark secure. The software must be installed to take the online exams as it provided a secure testing environment and data transfer for the exams. The software may be removed after the exam has been administered.

Online Exam Portal

Please click HERE to access the online exam portal and to download the testing software.

CHAE Practice Exam
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CHTP Practice Exam
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