HFTP Academy Hospitality Certificate Program

HFTP now offers three certificate programs designed to boost your professional development. Certificates provide valuable instruction, training and most importantly, recognition of a specific practice or skillset.

Upon successful completion of a certificate course, registrants will receive a digital badge recognizing their achievement and new knowledge base. 


This course connects benchmarking as an essential tool for any profitability tool chest.

USALI-11 Theory

This course demonstrates your mastery of the concepts, structure and learning outcomes related specifically to the USALI.

USALI-11 Practice — Analysis & Compliance Certificate

This course takes the knowledge base from the USALI Theory course and applies it practically, along with analysis and interpretation.

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Benchmarking Certificate

The course emphasis connects benchmarking as an essential tool for any profitability tool chest. Each course module is organized to explain the concepts and provide practical application, incorporating these concepts into daily, weekly or monthly analysis.

A special feature: HotStats, well-known hospitality data provider, has collaborated with HFTP and Ascend to add in real-world examples of applications. Using fictional hotels but actual data, reporting examples will be incorporated to allow for immediate application of new skills within your own organization.

The certificate concentrates on these areas of focus:

  1. Basics of Operational Benchmarking
  2. (KPIs) Meet the KPIs and Indices
  3. My Hotel's P&L
  4. Choosing the Proper Competitive (Comp) Set 


In collaboration with


USALI Certificate Program - 11th Edition

HFTP is now offering two new certificate courses which demonstrate your expertise on the USALI 11th edition. The objective is for participants to understand the history, use and content of the USALI. The courses are available to all, with no previous experience required.

Theory Certificate

The USALI-11 Theory Certificate course will cover the layout and content of the financial statements for each operating department and undistributed departments. In addition, the course will review the Non-Operating Income and Expense section, Net vs Gross Revenue reporting and the ratios provided in the 11th edition.

Practice — Analysis & Compliance Certificate

The USALI-11 Practice — Analysis & Compliance Certificate course will take the knowledge base from the theory course and apply numbers to it and provide insight on how best to analyze and interpret the information in the financial statements. Emphasis will be placed on vertical analysis, horizontal analysis, and ratios. 

Each certificate follows these four modules:

  1. Summary Operating Statement and Operating Department Schedules
  2. Undistributed Departments
  3. Non-Operating Income and Expenses and Net vs Gross Revenue Reporting
  4. Ratios and Metrics

Continuing Education Points

HFTP will award the following continuing education points towards the maintenance renewal requirements for the Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE ®) and/or the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP ®) only:

  • USALI-11 Certificate Bundle (Theory and Practice): 72 CPE
  • USALI-11 Certificate (Theory or Practice): 36 CPE

Certificate Pricing

The current pricing is a special discount offer that will run through May 31, 2021.

* Regular pricing:
$1,000 per course.

    • 3 Courses for $1,000
    • Any 2 Courses for $700
    • 1 Course for $375


The HFTP Academy Hospitality Certificates are not just for finance and technology professionals. Your entire management team can benefit from understandng how to evaluate and analyze financial statements. These courses make an ideal platform for any management development program, as well. Contact HFTP if you are interested in using these courses company-wide for special pricing options.

All HFTP Academy certificate courses are developed and powered by Ascend

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