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Club Technology Resources

Welcome to the online resources provided by the National Club Association and Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Task Force on Technology.

An increasing number of private clubs are considering upgrades of their computer systems and software to improve operating efficiency and respond to member needs for technology-based services. This can lead to difficult decisions that would benefit from strategic technology planning to evaluate and prioritize needs and develop long-term solutions.

The NCA – HFTP Technology Task Force is comprised of a diverse collection of professionals working with the club and hospitality industry. The group was organized to research and develop information and strategic planning guidelines regarding technological advancements for NCA and HFTP members. The products of the Task Force are expected to include the development and dissemination of information that will help clubs in their planning and research to determine future technology trends and needs in the club industry.

One of the first areas addressed by the Task Force is the compilation and dissemination of existing resources on technology-related topics, as shown below. It is anticipated that additional materials will be added to the list on an ongoing basis, covering these and other topics.

Electronic Communications

Club Websites, Text Messaging and Email

New Technologies on the Horizon
Technology for Troubled Ecomomic Times
Survey Says!
Generational Differences in Technology Use
Social Networks: The Cornerstone of the Club Industry
Privacy Matters: Private Club Websites

IT Best Practices

IT infrastructure, technology systems, wireless technology, club and member networks, Internet policies and technology

Club Technology - Then and Now
Pilot Testing
Sharing Technical Support Personnel
Software Champions
Software Purchase Contracts
Technology For Troubled Economic Times
The Catch 22 of Club Technology Budgeting
The Times They Are a-Changin'
Club Technology Resource Needs: What Clubs Want to Know
How to Draft Your Club’s IT Policies
In Policies We Trust: Protecting Your Club Through IT Policy
New Technologies on the Horizon: Affordable Options for Clubs
Private Club Technology Trends
Don’t be Fooled by Social Engineering
What’s Your Club’s Technology Strategy? Steps to Move from Maintenance to Leading Edge Technologies
Technology Decisions: An Operational Approach
Technology Trends: Moving into the Future with Member Services
Club Technology: Shaping the Future Club Experience
The iPad: Coming Soon to Your Club (TabletComputers)


Staffing, Training, Planning, Hardware maintenance and procedures

Business Intelligence
Club Software - Replace or Reengineer
Creeping Featuritis
Gift Cards
NCA-HFTP Technology Task Force Survey results
Pilot Testing
Predecting Vendor Staying Power
Software Champions
Software Purchase Contracts
Technology For Troubled Economic Times
To Swipe or Not to Swipe


Club management software, application software, evaluation and procurement

Cloud Computing
Data Recovery
Getting the Cloud Off the Ground with Private Clubs
Network Security Checklist
Nows the Time to Invest...

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