Guestroom 20X

The Hotel Guestroom of the Future

G2X - Guestroom 20X

Established in 2006, GUESTROOM 20X offers a peek at the leading-edge and near-future technologies for tomorrow’s hotel rooms. 

The first GUESTROOM 20X debuted in Minneapolis, Minn. at HITEC 2006. With packed crowds and the industry buzzing, it was quickly decided that GUESTROOM 20X would return to future HITECs. Since then four additional versions have been erected, showcasing new and upcoming technologies for the modern hotel room that are easily adaptable to the guestroom and provide a specific solution to the needs of guests. 

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Read about the technologies featured in the 2012 GUESTROOM 20X display.

Download the GUESTROOM 20X 2012 Guide (PDF)