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SHR Group launches Digital Marketing Academy for Future Leaders Programme in collaboration with Co-operation Ireland

Hotel technology specialist SHR Group is proud to announce the launch of a Digital Marketing Academy specifically designed fo

Transforming Hotel Operations: How Automation Unlocks New Levels of Efficiency and Profitability

The hospitality industry stands at a pivotal moment, defined by rapid technological advancements and evolving market dynamics

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How to start your food business: An 8-step guide to success

Are you a passionate entrepreneur with an innovative idea for a restaurant, a skilled baker ready to take your talents to the

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It’s The Last Day You’ll Hear About MDO. Why?

As we prepare to unveil the future of MDO on Monday, I wanted to take a few minutes to shed some light on the “why” behind ou

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How hospitality can protect both data and value

Technology increasingly permeates products and customer experiences across the hospitality and restaurant industries. That ca

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Hilton, Hyatt Among Hotel Chains Hit With Room Price-Fixing Suit

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. and Hyatt Hotels Corp. are among a group of hotel chain operators accused of inflating the cos

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BeCause Closes Seed Round with Tail-End Investment From Curiosity VC

BeCause, the Danish start-up transforming how the global hospitality, travel, and tourism industries manage their sustainabil

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Colleges are using AI to prepare hospitality workers of the future

If you’re planning to go into the hospitality industry, the pathway is increasingly going to involve some sort of familiarity

AI For Hotels: Top Ways to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Your Operations

AI for hotels is not just a trend – it’s revolutionary for hospitality. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) for hotels m

To Brand or Not to Brand

While some companies in some industries have a tendency to consolidate and eliminate brands, the hotel industry is different.