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Luxury is growing, and so are we

Luxury hospitality epitomizes excellence in every facet of its operation, striving for unparalleled superiority in design aes

Hotel mobile check-in: A complete guide

Hotel mobile check-in is a technology-driven process that allows guests to check into their hotel rooms using their mobile de

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The ultimate guide to integrated payments for hoteliers

When travellers choose a hotel, they are looking for more than just a place to stay; they want to have an exceptional experie

Unlocking AI in Hospitality SMEs: Q&A with Ian Millar

Amidst the current discussions about AI’s transformative potential, there’s a common industry misconception that it primarily

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Hotel X Supercharges Marketing With Automation and Dynamic Content

The 404-room resort in Toronto implemented Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud for rich guest profiles and personalized gues

3 HyperCommerce Strategies for Faster Direct Bookings

According to a study by the Max Planck Institute, Technical University of Berlin, Technical University of Denmark, and Univer

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Support and Service Centres: Elevating Hotel Technology Experience

In the hospitality industry, an often-overlooked aspect crucial to success is the seamless integration and operation of hotel

The 2024 Hotel Forecast: Elevating Guest Experiences Through AI and Human Synergy

My fellow hoteliers, the future of our industry is upon us, and it is one marked by the transformative power of artificial in

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DerbySoft Acquires Leading Travel Trade Marketplace, PKFARE

DerbySoft, an innovative global technology company that connects suppliers with distributors and offers a variety of solution

Synching RMS, CRS, and Distribution for Pricing Precision

Introduction - You have the best pricing strategy in place. You have even implemented pricing automation. Last edition we tal

External Article Democratizes Dynamic Pricing in the Hospitality Industry

Identifying a significant gap in the market, Dan Zhang (Associate Dean for Research and Academics at University of Colorado B