Advertising and Content Marketing

HFTP® offers numerous year-round advertising opportunities. HFTP provides a focused market - the hospitality finance and technology communities. Target a niche group and get the results you've been looking for!

2017 HFTP Media Kit

HFTP Marketing Kit

Find details on all of HFTP's marketing opportunities.


Pineapplesearch® offers a unique platform for vendors and suppliers, providing targeted exposure for your existing digital marketing content/assets. Pineapplesearch enables publication and enhanced search exposure of press releases, onion articles, white papers, webinars, social media assets and much more. Learn more

HITEC® Bytes

Online information source which delivers curated business intelligence to a global community of hospitality IT professionals, utilizing the platform. Learn more

Club Bytes

Target hospitailty club professionals by publishing company news and content to club professionals across the globe. Learn more

Finance Bytes

Target hospitailty finance professionals by publishing company news and content to finance professionals across the globe. Learn more

The Bottomline

Advertise in an award-winning publication dedicated to hospitality finance and technology. More