September 2, 20222 min read

HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsor Weekly Spotlight Feature: Bella - The Virtual Hotel Agent™

HFTP CAS Spotlight

The HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsor (CAS) program brings together hospitality professionals with the industry's leading finance and technology solution providers including Bella - The Virtual Hotel Agent™ — an innovator in hospitality artificial intelligence solutions. Bella joins the HFTP CAS program in 2022 to let you know that they are ready to help you re-imagine your customer service strategies.

HFTP has a no-nonsense approach to connecting vendors and potential clients, and this has made them the right place to find buyers for services according to John Smallwood, President of Business development at Bella's parent company Travel Outlook.

Continue reading to learn more about what Bella has to offer.

What Bella Has to Offer

Bella is the hospitality industry's first AI-powered Virtual Hotel Agent™. Her innovative technology allows hotel clients to lead the conversation with natural, human-like interactions.

She can answer up to 60 percent of the calls for the front desk team, freeing them to interact with on-site guests. Bella helps save fixed labor expenses as well as offers an understanding of guests' most common questions or needs through her Precise Guest Insight™ tool, an accurate report of what guests are asking about your hotel.

Bella is programmed using a new approach to natural language processing that uses information about how humans actually speak, such as movie dialogue or Facebook interactions. While other proprietary voice assistant programs rely on a model that simply quotes Wikipedia and other sources, Bella's warm, human, and friendly AI-powered voice assistance creates an engaging, on-brand experience for your valued hotel guests and enables her to adapt to accents
(including personalized voice talent), background noise, and call quality to accurately understands your guests' requests.

About the HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsorship Program

The HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsor (CAS) program offers companies a way to gain visibility, partner with professional memberships to HFTP, and gain savings with exhibit and sponsor discounts to HFTP events and virtual education. Learn more about how you can become a Corporate Allied Sponsor by visiting the HFTP website.


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