December 15, 20232 min read

HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsor Spotlight Feature: CDRTek

HFTP CAS Spotlight

Embrace the future of digital defense—through the HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsorship (CAS) program, get to know companies like CDRTek, whose hospitality IT services are tailored to help reduce direct and indirect costs through consolidation, virtualization and co-location. Whether it's back-office operations, Wi-Fi systems, PCI compliance or reservations systems, all IT needs are taken care of so clients can deliver an above-and-beyond customer experience.

"Our partnership with HFTP allows us to collaborate with many leading hospitality clients that we do not normally have access to," says CDRTek's Chief Technology Officer Cliff Aycock. "The Corporate Allied Sponsorship program has greatly enhanced our ability to offer our IT services to potential clients."

What CDRTek Has to Offer

CDRTek's principles are simple-they provide superior support and protection by securing clients' core infrastructure (C), protect the integrity of their data (D) and maintain stability by ensuring redundancy (R) throughout every part of the environment.

Defense isn't just reactive-it's proactive. CDRTek takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity, working closely with clients to implement preemptive measures that fortify their digital defenses. From vulnerability assessments to risk mitigation strategies, CDRTek ensures that your organization stays one step ahead of potential threats. Regardless, the company offers 24/7 monitoring services and rapid incident response capabilities, minimizing downtime and potential damage in the event of a cyber incident.

CDRTek provides exceptional managed service by putting the power back in clients' hands. With plan options including month-to-month contracts and tiered/situational service, clients are guaranteed service at the highest level in the best fit for their organizational needs.

About the HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsorship Program

The HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsor (CAS) program offers companies a way to gain visibility, partner with professional memberships to HFTP, and gain savings with exhibit and sponsor discounts to HFTP events and virtual education. Learn more about how you can become a Corporate Allied Sponsor by visiting the HFTP website.


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