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HFTP Announces 2023 Paragon Award Recipient – Geneva Rinehart

Rinehart was selected for her leading role in informing and shaping the communication of hospitality industry technology trends.

HFTP Announces 2023 Paragon Award Recipient – Geneva Rinehart — Photo by HFTP
Awards and Accolades

Geneva Rinehart wasselected as the 2023 Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) Paragon Award recipient for her significant contribution to the production of a key hospitality technology information resource for nearly three decades. She is also recognized for inhabiting the role as a central connector amongst industry players — vendors, hotel companies, consultants — ensuring that all are apprised of current trends and recognized for their contributions to the evolution of hospitality technology.

Rinehart is senior vice president and managing editor at Hospitality Upgrade, where she has served in multiple capacities since 1995. HFTP and Hospitality Upgrade are long-time allied partners working together to develop hospitality technology information and resources, and Rinehart has worked closely with HFTP and its network to fulfill this relationship. Rinehart will be honored on October 18 at the HFTP Annual Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana USA.

“I’m honored to be selected as HFTP’s 2023 Paragon Award recipient and join an impressive group – many of whom are on my personal admiration list. I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with so many industry groups, leaders and professionals over the years with Hospitality Upgrade Magazine, The CIO Summit and the Executive Vendor Summit,” said Rinehart. “And it definitely helped to have surrounded myself with amazing people who are dedicated to the cause, always push the bar higher, and are never afraid to try something new. The HFTP team has been absolutely fantastic to work with on our many projects and events, and I thank them for this recognition.”

Geneva Rinehart's publishing career began in 1995 with the launch of H&A Update, the precursor to Hospitality Upgrade magazine. She has been a driving force behind key industry conferences, including the Executive Vendor Summit and the CIO Summit. Geneva's pioneering spirit led to the introduction of the magazine’s first digital edition in 2003, which incorporated cutting-edge technologies such as QR codes, augmented reality, video and multimedia. In 2017, she curated a special publication on the history of technology for the hotel industry and compiled Hospitality Upgrade's Marriott Americas' IT edition. She also played an integral role in developing and revamping the Hospitality Upgrade and Hotel Online websites and newsletters.

In addition to her industry work, Geneva has logged more than 600 hours of volunteer service to her community. In collaboration with HFTP International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame inductee Sherry Marek she has created a collection of mentor articles to encourage and inspire industry professionals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University’s School of Communications. She and her husband, Rick, have two children.

“During these 29 years Geneva, as managing editor, has helped to keep the industry’s leading source of technology information fresh and relevant and in doing so has helped to educate thousands of hoteliers around the world about technology issues and solutions,” wrote Robert Bennett, co-founder of Kalibri Labs, LLC, in support of Rinehart’s nomination. “The conferences hosted by Hospitality Upgrade, and organized with Geneva’s help, have done so much to promote cooperation among vendors and hotel operators. There is no shortage of examples to show how Geneva has contributed to the betterment of hospitality technology.”

Hospitality Upgrade is the exclusive technology magazine for HFTP and sponsor of HFTP events such as HITEC® and the HFTP Annual Convention. HFTP also helps coordinate the annual Executive Vendor Summit and CIO Summit, founded by Hospitality Upgrade in 2002.

Established in 1999, the prestigious HFTP Paragon Award recognizes individuals each year who have made a significant and lasting contribution to both HFTP and the hospitality industry. Paragon Award nominees can be HFTP members; representatives of industry-related associations, societies or trade publications; leaders from hospitality businesses, educational institutions and other related disciplines. A panel of industry experts selects the award recipients who are traditionally recognized at HFTP's Annual Convention.

Previous Paragon Award winners include: Alice Banks, CHAE (1999); Henry "Buddy" Weeks, CHAE (1999); Frank Santos, CHAE, CHA (2000); Katherine Cavanagh, CHAE (2001); Raymond Schmidgall, PH.D., CPA, CHAE (2002); Frank Wolfe, CAE (2002); Len Bartello, CPA, CHAE, CHTP (2003); John J. Cahill, CHA, CHTP (2004); Wendy Zurstadt, CPA, CHAE, CHTP (2005); Richard Braa, CHAE (2006); Robert Patasnick, CPA (2007); George Glazer (2008); Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE (2009); Stephen LeBruto, CPA, CHAE, Ed.D. (2009); and Steve Doherty, CHAE, CHTP (2010); Frank Agnello Jr., CMA, CHAE (2011); Howard Field, FBHA, FCA (2012); Joseph McInerney, CHA (2013); Evelyn Adams (2014); Ralph R. Miller, CPA, CA, CBV, CHA, CHAE (2015); Raman (R. P.) Rama B. Com, CHA Emeritus, CHTP, CHAE (2016); Kris S. Shoemaker, CMA, CGFO, CHAE, CHTP, CPFIM (2016); Mary Gerdts (2017); Anna McFarland, CPA, CFE, CHAE, CHTP (2018); Thomas Smith, CHAE (2019); Ian Millar, CHTP (2020); Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA (2021); Sanjay Nadkarni, Ph.D. (2021); and Daniel Conti, Jr., CHAE+ (2022).

The HFTP Annual Convention is October 18–20, 2023 at the JW Mariott Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Register to attend. For more information about HFTP events, contact the HFTP Meetings & Special Events Department at [email protected], +1 (512) 249-5333. For more information on the Paragon Award, contact the HFTP Communications Department at [email protected] or +1 (512) 249-5333.

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