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December 1, 20232 min read

DELETED: Mews surpasses 1000 Marketplace integrations with hospitality’s biggest app store

Hoteliers using Mews can enjoy over a thousand of the industry’s best solutions that improve hotel operations, generate more revenue and enhance the guest experience

Mews surpasses 1000 Marketplace integrations with hospitality’s biggest app store — Photo by
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Mews, the industry-leading hospitality cloud, hits another significant milestone as it continues to expand the world’s largest network of integrated hospitality apps.

Now exceeding 1000 Marketplace integrations, Mews is transforming the way hotels operate with its easy connectivity and open APIs. The company is focused on continual reviews and additions to the marketplace to support a portfolio of best-performing properties worldwide and give hoteliers access to the latest software.

Technology has become indispensable in taking guest experiences to the next level and helping hotels optimize operations. By giving them access to such an extensive marketplace, Mews helps hoteliers build the tech ecosystem that perfectly suits their goals. Matt Welle, CEO of Mews

Every integration is certified by the Technical Partner Success team at Mews. Potential partners first register on the Mews website. This is then followed by a certification call and finishes with a pilot at a live Mews property. A lot of hard work goes into ensuring that potential partners qualify to join hospitality’s finest.

Many of these connections are plug-and-play, allowing hoteliers to build their ideal tech stack quickly and easily, with zero connection fees. The process is exceptionally smooth thanks to a consistent high-quality connection that results in a bug-free user experience.

With over 1000 Marketplace integrations, Mews secures its position as a pioneer of modern hospitality. Dayuse, Mews’ 1000th certified partner, lets guests book a hotel room for a couple of hours and makes them increasingly accessible, supporting Mews’ vision of boosting revenue with innovative space management.

With Mews, we share the common goals of revolutionizing the hospitality industry and offering innovative solutions to improve hotel revenues. For hotels, handling daytime reservations directly in their PMS without impacting their overnight sales, is a huge game changer. We both understand that hotels are not optimising their revenue when rooms are empty during the day and together aim to improve occupancy during these empty slots. Getting certified was super straightforward and the team at Mews were always available to provide support at each step of the process. Jaimie Draper, Product Owner at Dayuse