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December 7, 20233 min read

THN Unveils Exclusive Direct Channel Advent Calendar for Hotel Marketers

THN Unveils Exclusive Direct Channel Advent Calendar for Hotel Marketers — Photo by The Hotels Network
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This month, The Hotels Network (THN), a direct growth platform for hotels, unveiled their inspirational Hotel Marketing Advent Calendar, meticulously designed exclusively for hoteliers. Crafted by a team of direct channel experts, this calendar delivers 24 days of unique content aimed at amplifying direct bookings and hotel website conversion rates.

THN’s Advent Calendar serves as a daily infusion of inspiration for hotel marketers, providing invaluable insights, tips and tricks to enhance the online booking experience, increase revenue, and boost direct reservations. Hoteliers engaging with this festive offering can expect:

  • Real-life examples: Gain access to tangible success stories derived from tried and tested direct channel campaigns.
  • Cutting-edge tools: Explore the latest and most innovative features of THN’s tools.
  • Valuable best practices: Discover a treasure trove of industry-specific best practices honed to elevate web conversion rates.

From countdown clocks and irresistible direct booking perks to the most effective website personalization techniques using AI, the daily revelations of the calendar promise to light up your direct channel and set your hotel apart from the rest. Don’t miss a single day of THN’s holiday cheer and unlock your first dose of inspiration today to create an environment that fosters enhanced guest engagement and increased conversions.

About The Hotels Network

The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company working with over 19,000 hotels around the globe. Boasting an international team of specialists with deep expertise in hospitality, product design and consumer marketing, the company offers clients a full-stack growth platform to power their direct channel. By leveraging a series of integrated tools and analytics, hotel brands can attract, engage and convert guests throughout the user journey.

In addition to price comparison, reviews summary and a full suite of personalization options, THN's Predictive Personalization product harnesses machine learning techniques to predict user behavior and then automatically personalizes both the message and the offer for each user. The company's latest innovation, BenchDirect, is the first benchmarking product for the direct channel, providing hotels with never-before-seen competitive data that completely changes the rules of the game.

THN's mission is to improve the online booking experience, grow direct bookings and strengthen the relationship between hotel brands and their guests.

For more information about THN, visit or contact [email protected].

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