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February 23, 20244 min read

It’s The Last Day You’ll Hear About MDO. Why?

After several acquisitions, we are excited to bring all of our companies into one unified platform, under one company name, with a singular mission.

After several acquisitions, we are excited to bring all of our companies into one unified platform, under one company name, with a singular mission. — Photo by Otelier (formerly myDigitalOffice)
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Since Cove Hill Partners invested in myDigitalOffice in 2019, we’ve made a handful of additional acquisitions, bringing together best-in-class hospitality solutions that complement MDO’s legacy products. Over that period of time, I transitioned from board member and advisor to the full-time CEO role at MDO, and I’m excited to wrap a bow on the work that has gone into bringing our product portfolio into one platform, under one company name.

On Monday, you will see our new company name, complete with new branding, messaging and a new website. But the project goes much deeper than what you see on the surface level – it started with listening to our customers and the market, taking that data and informing our product strategy, bringing that product strategy to life via development, and bringing the entirety of the organization and our customers along.

It’s not just a flashy new logo – changing our company name reflects the unification of our solutions, surfacing the best features and functionality of each into a modern suite of tools that solves the key operational challenges hoteliers are facing today (and tomorrow). Our product focus hasn’t shifted – we are still delivering hoteliers the ability to harness data across their organizations to automate tasks and optimize performance – but we have now more clearly defined the value, features and functionality within each product.

The rebrand process, led by Lindsay Duran, CMO, was very thorough and detailed, designed to evolve and optimize the way our company interacts with the hospitality industry. It was a four-phase process shaped by research and discovery, brand strategy, naming, and brand identity. Perhaps the most important phase was research and discovery – a deep dive into where our products fit in the market and the areas we solve the greatest challenges, including hours of market research and interviews with current customers, future customers and industry experts.

One of my key focuses over the past year since joining as CEO has been to ensure the various teams we’ve brought together over the past several years evolve to act as one company. As part of the rebrand process, we also aligned our brand’s core values with our company culture. These include:

  • Innovation: We are rigorous in the continuous evolution of our software, committed to excellence in everything we do, harnessing our curiosity to create the new.
  • Connection: We work hard to become more than just suppliers to our customers. By taking time to understand our customers’ business and craft impactful solutions, we empathize with their challenges, becoming valued partners.
  • Accountability: We stand by our products and service, and the promises we make to our customers, constantly pushing boundaries to keep them ahead of the game.
  • Joy: By saving time and money through automating the mundane, we enable hoteliers to get back to hospitality.

The brand you will see Monday was carefully crafted to reflect MDO’s core purpose and identity, and is a visual representation of our values, promise and personality. I hope it strikes you as meaningful and engaging. We aren’t done; in the coming months you will see more new features and perhaps a new product or two.

We look forward to meeting you out on the event circuit this year. Next month, I’ll be at the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference in Atlanta – where we recently opened a beautiful new office – and you can book some time with me here. My team and I are excited to show you what we’ve built: The hospitality software behind every great host.

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