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May 15, 20248 min read

Want to make a positive impact on your resort’s guest experience? Introduce a digital map

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By Adam Catterall, Content Lead

There’s a saying about maps: “You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.” And the current hotels and resorts space is a new world. 21% of hoteliers said that the most important near-term goal of technology is transforming business processes and operating models. Technology is finding its way into every stage of the guest journey, and younger generations of guests have high expectations for their visit.

So with all that innovation going on, why are we still offering paper maps, static information boards, and uninspiring PDFs to help guests navigate?

The problem with hotel maps

Chances are you probably offer paper maps at your front desk or an online version that you send out via email. Presenting information this way has its uses, but it falls short of the expectations of modern guests. Here’s why:

  • Lack of orientation. Guests need interactivity to understand their surroundings. The smartphone generation uses Google Maps and Apple Maps to get around, and they expect similar functionality in all aspects of their lives.
  • They have a single function. Paper and online maps can do one thing: help people get around. However, it's difficult to inform people about your amenities, help themwith their accessibility needs, and direct them to where they can book activities with a static map.
  • You can't make quick changes. Say, for example, your restaurant is closed, and guests can't use it. With a paper map, you can't convey this information without printing out a whole new batch.

There’s a remedy for these problems: integrate a detailed interactive map that helps guests seamlessly navigate your indoor and outdoor spaces. Guests can use familiar touchscreen methods like zooming, rotating and tilting to get a better sense of where they are, they’re multifunctional and can help guests with specific needs, and you can make content updates on the fly.

It’s time to go interactive

To show you why upgrading your map offering is a must, here are five key benefits:

1. They enhance your navigation

Picture this: you’re lost down a hotel hallway, trying to remember what the front desk clerk said about getting to the bar from your room. You’ve brought up the PDF map they sent you in an email, but no matter which way you turn your head, you can’t make sense of it. Frustrating.

Imagine instead that you’ve got a digital map equipped with interactive wayfinding. In seconds, you’ve got a route plotted out for you. It gives you the estimated walking time, and can adjust to any accessibility needs you may have, such as avoiding stairs. Before you’ve had a chance to worry about getting lost, you’re already at the bar with a martini in your hand.

Paper maps, or even PDF illustrations, can’t compete with this level of functionality. With non-interactive navigation aids, the onus is on you to use your surroundings to work out where you are. And this can be tricky in a hotel hallway with no discernable landmarks around. Digital maps take out the heavy lifting, so guests can explore your resort friction-free.

2. They enable data-driven decision-making

If there’s one reason to have an interactive map at your resort other than the obvious navigation benefits, it’s this. Digital maps inside a mobile app platform have one powerful trick up their sleeve: they’re connected to a backend operator console. This means that as guests use your interactive map, you’re also collecting huge volumes of high-quality guest data.

In a Deloitte survey, 49 per cent of respondents said analytics helps them make better decisions, 16 per cent say that it better enables key strategic initiatives, and 10 per cent say it helps them improve relationships with both customers and business partners. Data is the fuel that keeps your wheels turning—it helps you make informed decisions on hotel improvements, shows you what’s working and what’s not in your amenities offering, and helps you better understand the behaviour of your guests.

3. They boost your revenue

With a digital map, all your amenities are identified as tappable points of interest. Once a guest taps one, it brings up all the information about that particular service and provides booking links to get started. The map is seamlessly integrated into your resort’s revenue driving systems, encouraging guests to make reservations at your restaurant, or book that round of golf they were after.

The benefit here is that you’re not bombarding your guests with different systems and screens. It’s all native. Traditionally, your guests would have to talk to a concierge, sign the forms and pay the money using multiple different systems as well scheduling the time for a face-to-face meeting. With a digital map inside a mobile app platform, your guests can explore your resort digitally, choose some things that they’re interested in, and make the booking all in one place.

4. They don’t take away the human element

There’s a worry with new resort technology—such as self-service check-ins—that they’re taking away from the human aspect. For many guests, interacting with the staff is what makes their stay special and they’d prefer to interact with a human rather than a computer.

Interactive digital maps support this by not detracting from that side of the resort visit. For those who just want to get from A to B, the digital map satisfies them without creating any more problems. For those who have special requirements or simply want to talk to a member of staff, the option is still there. Having a digital map available answers many of the repetitive questions, leaving more room for staff to deal with more specific requests.

5. They’re fully customisable

Your digital maps don’t have to be boring black-and-white lines on a page. You can reflect your brand’s colours and styles through custom design features such as unique icons and animations, realistic water reflections and seasonal adjustments. Your map is both a marketing tool and a navigation aid. Let your creative teams go wild with their designs and see how your guests react.

Upgrade your resort with a digital interactive map

You can’t embrace the new world with an old map, so maybe it’s time to upgrade? At, we help world-leading experiences and resorts revolutionise their digital offering with interactive, animated maps. Our best-in-class mapping engine is purpose-built for the experience economy, and it's constantly evolving. Here’s what it can do:

  • Interactive wayfinding. Help your guests find the quickest routes to all of your amenities. All they have to do is choose a destination and the app will plot out the fastest route with real-time navigation. It also informs guests of estimated walking times, and can avoid uneven terrain like stairs if accessibility is an issue.
  • Indoor, multi-level maps. These intricate, hand-illustrated maps accurately mirror the real world and capture every detail of your indoor spaces across any number of floors. Help your guests navigate your hallways, restaurants, bars, and more with point-to-point navigation to anywhere on site.
  • Dynamic lighting and nighttime mode. Immerse your guests in the experience with dynamic lighting that mirrors the ambient light in your resort. As the sun goes down, your map will slowly turn to night mode, perfect for after-dark events.
  • Customisations. Make every detail of your map shimmer with realistic water reflections, eye-catching animations, and seasonal additions for some festive flair.

At our interactive maps and wayfinding receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Exit Surveys repeatedly highlight the functionality as one of the highest-scoring features in apps powered by our platform.

If you’re looking to take your navigation to the next level with our digital maps, get in contact with the team today to chat over your requirements. We’ll set up a zero-obligation discovery call to show you how we can elevate your guest experience.

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