ProLinks Webinars

ProLinks webinars are offered throughout the year at no cost to HFTP members (excluding the HFTP Digital Learning Days). The nonmember registration fee is $50.00.

Attend these online courses from the comfort of your office and gain valuable knowledge while earning continuing education credits.

July 20, 2017  02:00PM CST - 03:00PM CST
Disrupters of Our Industry - A Panoramic View Presenting Varying Perspectives

In this webinar, we will discuss who "disruptors" truly are and how they emerged and discuss how some of these forces are perceived either positively or negatively by ownership and at the property level of hotels. We will note how at some levels, there is a disconnect harming our approaches for working with them mutually and successfully. Disruptors include the obvious from airbnb to OTAs to unions and labor issues and how we even create our own "disruptors" which can create cost and expense affecting our bottom line. 

Learning Objectives
- We will understand why we need to respect the varying perspectives of how to work with forces that impact our business decisions.
- We will gain the ability to identify other potential forces and how to utilize them in our decision making.
- We will learn why we need to measure NetRevPar and not RevPar.

Gary Isenberg is President at LWHA Asset and Property Management Services

August 15, 2017  02:00PM CST - 03:00PM CST
Getting to the Employee 2.0

Cyber criminals rely less on automated attacks and exploits of vulnerable software and have shifted to social engineering end users. They are going direct and manipulating humans into interacting with their deceptions. Traditional classroom based training and awareness programs are not working for these new types of attacks. We will introduce the concept of “Employee 2.0”; the enablement of a culture with persistent cognizance of good security practices. 

Learning Objectives
- Understanding Social Engineering Tactics
- Phishing, Social Media, Fraud, Ransomware
- Beyond training and awareness; changing employee behavior

Al Sweeny is Director of Risk, Internal Audit and Cybersecurity(RIAC) at Baker Tiller Virchow Krause, LLP

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August 24, 2017 2:00-3:00 PM CST

Chapter Leadership Webinar - Leadership Transition: Ensuring Success for Future Leaders

Lowell Aplebaum, CAE and CEO of Next Connection will present Leadership Transition – Ensuring Success for Future Leaders topic. He will discuss ways to have a smooth officer leadership transition, how to encourage others to take leadership roles, along with touching upon resources provided within the HFTP Chapter Leadership Portal.  Registration will open soon.

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August 15 - Al Sweeny - Getting to Employee 2.0
August 24 - Chapter Leadership Series: Leadership Transition - Ensuring Success for Future Leaders
September 20 - Club Digital Learning Day
October 5 - HFTP Webinar - Topic TBD
October 12 - Chapter Leadership Series: Charting a Strong Chapter - Best Practices for Planning
November 16 - HFTP Webinar - Topic TBD
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